Heli Skiing at Heather Mountain Lodge
Location, Location, Location…Heli-Ski Here.

EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE We are very easy to get to! You’ll be glad to know Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is the closest Canadian destination heli-skiing operation to an international airport.

Relaxed Intermediate Heli Skiing
Flexible Package Lengths. 2,3,4,5…10 Days?

IT’S OUR PLEASURE TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR SCHEDULE. START YOUR 2, 3, 4, 5, OR 6-DAY TRIP ON THE DAY YOU WANT. As the original “boutique heli-skiing” operation, we pride ourselves…

heli-skiing on snowy day in burnt trees
98% Fly Days. Just 2 Down Days A Season.

WHY DOES GREAT CANADIAN HELI-SKIING HAVE THE BEST DOWN DAY RECORD IN THE HELI-SKI INDUSTRY? There are several factors that enable us to safely continue flying that could…

Great Canadian Heliskiing entrance accessibly located on Trans Canada Highway
Our Drive-In Access

And that comes with a lot of benefits.  Accessing many heli-ski operations often means nearly a full day of logistics,…

Heliskiing deep powder snow
The Snowiest Place in Canada

In fact, the Powder Highway’s northern apex of Rogers Pass (on which Great Canadian Heli-Skiing sits) consistently receives the most reliably enormous snowfalls in all of…

Snowboarder heliskiing powder in alpine terrain
What is Unlimited Vertical?

With the technicality out of the way, at its heart, the word “vertical” is the foundation of the heli-ski adventure. Before heli-skiing was born, skiers had two options…

Why Heli-Skiing Makes for the Best Christmas Ever this Season

No matter how you like to spend the holidays, there’s no doubt that the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 mean that Christmas is likely to look a little… different…

What Is “Private Heli-Skiing”? Great Canadian’s 3 Unlimited Private Packages

These are a couple of the reasons Great Canadian Heli-Skiing pioneered the concept of boutique heliskiing. All of our groups are based on the promise of…

The Birthplace of Heli-Skiing

When the Austrian-born Gmoser immigrated to Canada in 1951 and eventually landed in Banff, he became part of the second generation of mountaineers that shaped the origin story…

4 skiiers stand at the top of a run in the sunshine
The Top 6 Benefits of Small Group Heli-Skiing

The Top 6 Benefits of Small Groups: 1. Enhanced Safety: With small group heli-skiing, there is only ever a maximum of 3 people between you and your guide.

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