Guiding us Forward – The Women of Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Al Alison Dakin has wanted to be a guide since she was 14, but the path wasn’t always linear. Unlike a significant number of people living…

Braille Mountain Heli-Thon

After losing his vision in 2019, our former guide and founder of Braille Mountain Initiative, Tyson Rettie, had to leave his role at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing.

Heli-skiing guide in alpine terrain


Are you in the market for some new ski gear for this season? We recommend the quality clothing from our fellow BC-born company…

Heli-skiing powder in alpine

Leg Blasters

Skiing powder is a unique feeling – nothing compares to the way it feels to float downhill through weightless snow. This also means that few activities…

Vanessa rock climbing in Revelstoke

Introducing Sous Chef Vanessa

Originally from the mountains of southern Austria, Vanessa has called the Canadian mountains home for the past eight years. She has wanted to become a chef…

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