Skiier in a yellow jacket skiing past snowy trees

10 Heli-Skiing Myths, Answered

1 You have to jump out of a helicopter.  False! Sorry to the James Bond wannabes, but you don’t get to  jump out of a helicopter.

A group of skiiers smile in front of a helicopter

Limited Space – December Heli-Skiing

Book small group heli-skiing for December 27-30, 2019 and end your year on a high note or start 2020 off with a bang. This would make the ultimate…

Action shot of a skiier surrounded by powder

Before You Heli Ski, Here’s How To Ski Powder

Many skiers on our ski instructor courses and off-piste ski camps are very competent on the groomers, but when they ski in deep powder they lose all control…

A set of exercise dumbells

Train Like a Ski Guide! The Ultimate Heli-Ski Workout.

This workout can be done 2-3 times per week, and to raise the bar you can add a half hour of cardio (jogging, biking etc). This circuit has…

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