map of bugaboos location relative to great canadian heli skiing
The Birthplace of Heli-Skiing

When the Austrian-born Gmoser immigrated to Canada in 1951 and eventually landed in Banff, he became part of the second generation of mountaineers that shaped the origin story…

4 skiiers stand at the top of a run in the sunshine
The Top 6 Benefits of Small Group Heli-Skiing

The Top 6 Benefits of Small Groups: 1. Enhanced Safety: With small group heli-skiing, there is only ever a maximum of 3 people between you and your guide.

Skiier in a yellow jacket skiing past snowy trees
10 Heli-Skiing Myths, Answered

Common Heli-Skiing Myths: 1. You have to jump out of a helicopter. False! Sorry to the James Bond wannabes, but you don’t get to  jump out of…

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