We have an enviable record of just 2 down days in a season where in other regions that might be a weekly average! Snow and weather are the only factors that we cannot control. Great Canadian is blessed to be located in the world famous interior powder belt of British Columbia where we receive huge quantities of snow, so it is perhaps surprising that we are still able to fly 98% of the time. Having so few down days doesn’t mean we receive less snow. In fact, we receive 46ft (14m) of super light, dry, blower powder every winter! Our snow is some of the driest on the planet.


There are several factors that enable us to safely continue flying that could ground other operations. Our guiding team want to get out skiing as much as our guests, so if it’s safe to do so, we will get you in the heli!

Lodge Location – Our lodge is actually situated right inside our terrain! This means many of our runs are just a short flight away, therefore you are skiing quicker. In fact, some of our best runs are close to the lodge (for example ‘Outrageous’ is a 60 second flight!). If it is snowing heavily and the weather provides some clear breaks, we are able to quickly get out to these runs! This wouldn’t happen if our lodge was in a town or required a long flight into our terrain.

Burnt Forests – Our guests love our burnt treed terrain. This is where a forest fire has destroyed all the undergrowth and small branches, leaving nicely spaced stands of trees. The lightest and fluffiest snow is found in the trees as it is protected from the sun and wind. Our steeper slopes are in the burnt forests where snow stability is often the best. We will often ski this type of terrain when it is snowing heavily as the black tree trunks give our amazing pilots points of reference for safe flying……….and they help you navigate while skiing!

Small Groups – The guides love managing small groups because they are very mobile. When it is snowing heavily and we are unable to fly we will wait until there’s a clearing and when it’s safe, we will head out quickly to get you skiing. This is easy to do because small groups can be mobilized very quickly.

Here is our down day record for the past few years;

2020 – 1 down day
2019 – 2 down days
2017, 2018 Seasons – only 1 down day each
2016-ZERO down days.
2013, 2014, 2015 Seasons – only 1 down day each
2011/2012 – 2 down days
2010/2011 – 3 days, huge snowfall winter!
2009/2010 & 2008/2009 – Just 2 PARTIAL down days (we still did some skiing on both days!)
2007/2008 – NO down days!!
2006/2007 – Just 2 down days
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