We pride ourselves on having access to some of the best terrain in the world. To make the most of it, you need the right gear.

Skis & Boards


We recommend that you save yourself the hassle of travelling with skis and use our complimentary, powder-specific skis. Our skis of choice are the Armada JJ and JJ Ultralite. Armada was founded by a group of professional skiers and was the first rider-operated manufacturer. With a gradual taper, the JJ offers a shorter turning radius than most skis. They float effortlessly through deep snow, and their hybrid ultralight core keeps them incredibly light. We carry these powder-perfect skis in 165, 175, 185, and 192 centimetres. The width is 116 mm underfoot. If you do decide to bring your own equipment, we recommend using a ski that’s 5 centimetres shorter than your usual resort ski. This will ensure you’ve got enough in the tank to make the most of each ski day.


You’re welcome to bring your own snowboard equipment, but we do provide complimentary powder-specific snowboards for use during your holiday. By using our snowboards, you’ll save yourself the hassle of travelling with yours, and you’ll know that there is a tried, tested, and true powder snowboard under your feet. Our boards and bindings of choice are Burton. We carry the Fish, Flight Attendant, Sherlock, Deja Vu, and Feel Good models. We’ll help you find the right fit at your arrival-day orientation. If you do choose to bring your own board, we recommend using one that’s 5 centimetres shorter than your resort board. This will ensure your board is highly manoeuvrable in all terrain, leaving you with maximum energy so you can ride more.

*Step-in binding users must ensure that their boots are compatible with the Burton Track system bindings; if not, they may bring their own board.

What about boots?

You need to bring your own ski or snowboard boots!

If you’re shopping for new boots for your trip, keep in mind that comfort and a smooth forward flex are the most important attributes to look for. New boots are often uncomfortable (so be sure to break them in!). Tight racing boots are miserable. What you want is a boot that does not exert undue pressure on the toes, ankle or lower part of the calf. We want you to make the most of your unlimited vertical, and bad boots can hamper your stamina—so make sure yours are comfortable and well-fitting. If you’re flying in, we highly recommend taking your boots as carry-on to guarantee you’ve got them on arrival.

Packing List

Here's a quick overview of what to bring.


  • Ski clothing: baselayers, midlayer (insulation or fleece), high quality outerwear (Gore-TEX or similar), ski socks
  • Ski accessories: Gloves or mittens, helmet (recommended), warm headwear, goggles, buff or face protection. 
  • Ski or snowboard boots
  • Lodge clothing (comfy) and slippers. You’ll only need the essentials here. 
  • Regular boots (mud or snow)
  • Bathing suit (sauna, spa, hot tub)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and chapstick
  • Basic toiletries


  • Extra goggles
  • Extra gloves or mittens
  • Powder skis or board
  • Poles (skiers only)
  • GoPro or Camera

Do not bring:

  • Avalanche safety equipment; avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe
  • Radios
  • Pack
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