At many heliski operations, you’re likely to find yourself sharing your ski day—the helicopter, your turns, your time—with an enthusiastic crew of other people. Sharing the buzz and making new friends is absolutely a highlight of the heliski experience. But occasionally it can be harder to match ability levels and experience within groups, and it’s easy to imagine that the logistics involved with eleven powder-seeking skiers and riders sometimes might feel a little like herding cats (if cats liked snow). 

These are a couple of the reasons Great Canadian Heli-Skiing pioneered the concept of boutique heliskiing. All of our groups are based on the promise of four skiers and a guide, matched to expectations and skill levels, who then share the helicopter with only two other groups—all designed so that our guests can have the best experience possible. 

But sometimes you want even more customization. Maybe you prefer to spend your time on this rare adventure with the people who matter most to you. That’s why many heliski operations, including Great Canadian, offer a few different private packages, to help you have the best day ever in the mountains. Here’s a breakdown of what these terms actually mean for your ski experience.

Private Group

Let’s say you’re skiing with us, at a small-group operation. If your party is made up of four people, you’re automatically your own ski group with your own guide. But maybe you’re only one, two or three skiers, and you’d prefer to keep it tight with each other. Private Group options allow you to buy out the extra seat(s) to ski with just your crew and your guide. (This model scales up with companies that run groups of 10 people, like CMH or Mike Wiegele.) Your group will share a helicopter with other groups, but never with people outside your group. Your party flies and skies together, solo, all day.

Private Helicopter

Want the ultimate freedom in your heliski adventure? Consider the Private Helicopter option, which is essentially like chartering a private jet… that can land on peaks. Or at the top of endless glade runs. Or on glaciers. This option lets you ski your preferred terrain, independent of what other groups are doing. It gives you the ultimate flexibility with your time. Want to linger over breakfast? Head back to the lodge to warm up over lunch? Take a little longer to absorb the scenery on your ski runs? A private helicopter lets you personalize your skiing as much as possible, with only your crew and your guide. The only thing you share with other guests is the lodge. 

Private Lodge

The utmost luxury, the maximum customization: the Private Lodge option. An entire luxe and cozy heliski lodge is all yours, and your schedule is all your own. Ski as much or as little as you want. Start with the sunrise or come back with the sunset. Choose your favorite kind of terrain. And spend it all with the people of your choosing. Imagine après with all of your closest friends and family, followed by an intimate five-star dinner with your nearest and dearest. Really, this option is about what you want, on your time. Because you have the run of the whole place.

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