Phenomenal Snow and Terrain as well as Easy Airport Access

Our guests rave about our prime location! It’s no fluke as to why we are located halfway between Golden and Revelstoke, in the birthplace of helicopter skiing. Our location was specifically chosen for 2 reasons;

  1. Extremely accessible — just fly into Calgary around lunch time and be eating dinner in the lodge that night!
  2. Amazing and varied terrain location over 2 mountain ranges that get copious amounts of snow.


We are very easy to get to! You’ll be glad to know Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is the closest Canadian destination heli-skiing operation to an international airport. Located between Golden and Revelstoke British Columbia, just off of the Trans Canada Highway, our lodge is an easy 4 hour drive from Calgary International Airport right to the front door.

This means the vast majority of our clients can arrive in Calgary around noon, be sleeping in our down duvet queen sized beds that night and then go heli-skiing the very next day! Most other heli-ski operations are harder to get to, so require more travel days.


The interior ranges of British Columbia — the Selkirk (Rogers Pass) and Purcell mountains — are possibly the most famous heli-skiing mountain ranges in the world. As the birthplace of helicopter skiing, they offer phenomenal amounts of light, dry powder snow, good flying conditions, tens of thousands of square kilometers of wilderness and ideal skiing weather. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is fortunate to have exclusive license to vast terrain in not just 1 mountain range, but 2! We operate in both the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, along the north and east borders of Glacier National Park and just west of the Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. The area we have access to is 14 times larger than Whistler-Blackcomb put together, or on a European scale, bigger than the whole of Les Trois Vallées ski domain!

There are hundreds of heli-ski runs, offering every type of terrain — glaciers, open bowls, gladed trees — and every slope angle and exposure. Great Canadian stands out in the industry because of the quality and the accessibility of our terrain above our base at Heather Mountain Lodge (our heli-pads are at the lodge and the closest runs are just 60 seconds away!). This accounts for minimal days a year when we are unable to ski due to adverse flying conditions. Historically we average only 2 “down days” during the whole winter!

Most of our runs average in length from 1,500-2,500 vertical feet (460 to 760 m). Our longest run is 6,232 ft (1900 m)!! Usually, we ski at an altitude between 9,000 and 5,500 ft (3000 and 1833 m) with our highest peak reaching 10,100ft (3078 m).


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