Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement. By paying your deposit to confirm your booking at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, you are agreeing to our Booking Terms and Conditions below (the “Terms of Booking”). As per your deposit confirmation, you have 48 hours from the time of your deposit to review the Terms of Booking, after which date you will be deemed to have agreed to them, and your deposit will become non-refundable in accordance with these Terms of Bookings. Please read the following Terms of Booking.

  1. Risk Awareness.
    1. Heli-skiing involves risks, dangers, and hazards. Each guest will be required to assume the risks described in our Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks, and Indemnity Agreement (the “Release Agreement.”) See sample RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISKS, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.
    2. Safety and Risk Awareness. To further learn about the risks involved in heli-skiing and wilderness activities, read the following, HeliCat Canada Safety and Risk Awareness.
    3. Signing the Release Agreement is a term of purchase.
    4. Acknowledge Release Agreement. Any guest making a Deposit for a booking is acknowledging that they have read, and agree that participation in any Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (“GCH”) trip is conditional on all members of their party completing GCH’s Release Agreement.
    5. Signing Release Agreement. All guests must read, and sign GCH’s Release Agreement before or at the time of their Final Deposit in order to participate in any Great Canadian Heli-Skiing trip.
    6. Failure to Sign a Release Agreement. Unless a guest cancels their booking within 48 hours of their Initial Deposit, a failure to sign GCH’s Release Agreement before or at the time of their Final Deposit will result in the cancellation of their booking. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s cancellation policies will be in effect.
  2. Deposit and Payment.
    1. Currency. All prices are in Canadian dollars, and all payments will be converted to Canadian Dollars. Deposits made in currencies other than Canadian Dollars will be credited to the guest account at the exchange rate GCH receives upon deposit in the bank. This rate is always subject to change.
    2. Payment Processing. Flywire is GCHs payment processor. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Transfers are accepted.
    3. Initial Deposit. To hold a booking, GCH requires a non-refundable Initial Deposit.
      2, 3, 4 Days 1,500 8,000 20% 20%
      5 Days and Greater 2,500 12,000 20% 20%
    4. Final Deposit. To secure a booking, a non-refundable Final Deposit of the remaining balance on account is required. The Final Deposit is due 14 weeks prior to the arrival date of the trip, or November 1st referred to as the Final Deposit Date, whichever comes first. Any booking held with an Initial Deposit will be subject to cancellation if the full deposit balance is not received by the final deposit date.
    5. If the booking is being made after November 1st, all deposits (Initial and Final) will be necessary upon the booking date to secure the booking.
  3. Cancellation/Interruption/Medical Travel Insurance.
    1. Purchasing insurance is highly recommended. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing makes significant commitments to guides and helicopter suppliers to ensure guests’ holidays will be the best ever. However, GCH does not act as an insurance company. Be prepared. Buy insurance in case an unforeseen interruption prevents you from going on holiday. For your peace of mind and to avoid any financial hardship an unexpected cancellation could cause, Uniglobe Specialty Travel has arranged for cancellation/interruption and medical travel insurance coverage, especially for your holiday package with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. Visit Uniglobe Specialty Travel Insurance for further information or to request a quote. Or to speak to a person, contact Robin or Wanetta, Uniglobe Specialty Travel Ltd, phone: 1.866.667.0811 or +1.250.837.2544 (international).
  4. Cancellation Policies.
    1. Cancellation Notification. If a guest wishes to cancel a booking, please notify GCH by contacting reservations via email at or phone in North America toll-free at 1 866 424-4354 or International +1-250-344-2326. Please note that the cancellation is only effective once GCH confirms the cancellation in writing to the guest. This will be the cancellation date.
    2. Insured Bookings. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing will provide a guest’s insurance company with all details needed to make a claim.
    3. Non-Refundable Initial Deposit. Initial Deposits are non-refundable 48 hours after the payment of the Initial Deposit is made.
      Non-Refundable Final Deposit. Final Deposits are non-refundable after the Final Deposit Date.

      1. If a guest cancels before the Final Deposit Date and has payments greater than the Initial Deposit amount on the account, they can either receive a refund for this surplus amount or leave the surplus on the account for a future booking.
      2. If a guest does not pay their Final Deposit by the Final Deposit Date, their booking is subject to cancellation.
    4. Replacement. A canceling guest may nominate in writing a replacement adult heli-skier for their booking.
      1. GCH must approve the replacement guest and reserves the right to refuse a nominated replacement.
      2. If financial arrangements remain between the guest and their replacement guest, GCH is happy to make this change without applying a service charge.
      3. If GCH is required to collect payment from the replacement guest directly before refunding the canceled guest, the eligible refund will be reduced by 5% of the total pre-tax booking as a service charge.
      4. GCH has no responsibility nor provides assurances to find a replacement on behalf of the guest. However, if GCH is able to confirm a replacement, GCH will credit the balance of the account, less a service fee of 20% of the total pre-tax booking charge, towards a future booking at GCH. If no replacement is found, no future credit will be provided.
    5. Change Dates. A guest may opt to change their booking to a different available date in the same heli-skiing season. If there are no available booking dates, the guest must either find a replacement or cancel. Changing dates is subject to re-booking fees, based on when the change is made.
      1. Any date change made greater than 14 weeks prior to the arrival date or before November 1st, whichever comes first, will be subject to a $250 rebooking fee.
      2. Any date change made 4 to 14 weeks prior to the arrival date will be subject to a $500 rebooking fee.
      3. Any date change made less than four weeks prior to the arrival date will be subject to a $1500 rebooking fee.
    6. Cancellation Mid-Trip. If a guest’s heli-skiing holiday is interrupted by injury or for any other reason, and they are unable to continue their heli-skiing holiday, no part of their holiday, deposits, or payments is refundable or creditable. GCH reserves the right to use any canceled seats for staff, or any other purposes, without compensation to the canceled guest.
    7. GCH makes Cancellation. GCH reserves the right to cancel bookings before the guests arrive for whatever reason GCH deems necessary. In such a case, GCH will refund or credit to the account, as per the guest’s preference, the total deposits made to GCH by the guest to that date. GCH will not be responsible for any other travel or interruption costs, including but not limited to airfare, third-party accommodations, and meals.
  5. Skiing with Minors.
    1. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing requires that guests need to be a minimum of 14 years or older to heliski and heli board with us.
    2. Guests between the ages of 14 and 18 years old must ski with a parent or guardian at all times.
    3. A separate waiver for the minor, must be signed by the Parent or Guardian that will be skiing with them.
    4. Minors must have a current working email address to access the skier portal to input their personal information and preferences. The parent or guardian can assist them with this process.
    5. All minors must be strong, competent intermediate to advanced level skiers or boarders with prior experience in powder and back-country conditions preferred.
    6. Prior experience with beacons and avalanche equipment is preferred.
  6. Vertical Guarantees/Refunds.
    1. Vertical Refunds are given only for mechanical delays or inclement weather and will not be given for any unused part of a package due to physical and skiing abilities.
    2. If a guest does not ski a portion of their holiday — starting late, coming in early, taking a day off, or arriving late or departing early — the seat is forfeited, and GCH can use it at its discretion without any compensation to the guest. The only exception is if a guest has paid for a Private Group, Private Heli, or Private Lodge Package.
    3. The helicopter refuels mid-day. This is a guest’s opportunity to go back to the Lodge early if they choose. Guests are asked to advise their guide in advance if they wish to ski for a partial day. If a guest chooses to take a day off or is not present at 8:30 am for briefings on the first day, or 9 am on subsequent days, there are no guarantees, and a low probability, that a guest will be able to join their group later that day.
    4. To account for the helicopter cycles, the minimum vertical assigned to a single run will be 500 vertical metres, even if the pick-up is less.
    5. Refunds are $150 per 1,000 vertical metres (VM) not skied based on the following guarantees:
Classic & Private Group Package Minimum Guarantee
# of Days Guaranteed Vertical Metres Guaranteed Vertical Feet
10 Days 52,500 172,000
9 Days 47,250 155,000
8 Days 42,000 138,000
7 Days 36,750 120,500
6 Days 31,500 103,500
5 Days 26,250 86,000
4 Days 18,000 60,000
3 Days 13,500 45,000
2 Days 9,000 30,000
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