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Wild Food at Heather Mountain Lodge


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Heather Mountain Lodge is in full swing summer mode. The management team at the lodge, Carrie, Dan and Becky, are wedding couples on the weekend and wowing Glacier National Park Hikers and Highway travellers with Mountain Views and heritage dining on the week days.

There have also been some writers and photographers checking out our menu this summer . See Lynn Martel’s story “Turning Flavour into Emotion”. Here is what head chef Dan had to say about his Menu at Heather Mountain Lodge:

We run a very unique food program. I have researched in both the Golden and Banff whyte museums to get an overview of what people have been eating in this area over the last hundred years.

My menu includes many fantastic items that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We grow an onsite veg, edible flower and herb garden, cultivate wild honeyberries, huckleberries and mint, raise our own hens for eggs, ducks and chickens for meat, utilize our meat smoker and rotisserie bbq grill and use cool homestead style cooking techniques like meat canning, pickling, preserving along with utilizing lots of neat wild products from western Canada.

Our menu includes traditional native pemmican and bannock, snowshoe hare, salt cured lamb prosciutto, canned chicken and canned smoked salmon, quails eggs, local BC wines and cheeses, fresh baked breads and brioche, elk, birch syrup, ling cod which grows naturally in the Columbia river, balsam and cedar jelly’s, wild chestnut stuffing, BC wild sockeye salmon, Alberta pork and many great offering from our own specialized vegetable grower in Revelstoke and Golden.
– Dan Bracko, Head Chef Heather Mountain Lodge.

Another connection to the winter is that the vegetable grower in Revelestoke and Golden is none other than our guide Kristina Metzlaf. Apparently, not only does she have a nose for powder snow, but green thumbs to boot. See her guide profile.
So if you are ever travelling through BC in the summer be sure to drop in and visit.

Trip Advisor Quotes:

Excellent, secluded location. Phenomenal food prepared my master chef! Try the Cod Burger!!! Great value and everything homemade. Service was friendly and helpful. Rooms very comfortable, nicely furnished and quite spacious. Close to excellent hiking in Glacier National Park.

Living near the Napa wine country we have had a the opportunity to sample some pretty amazing food over the years. I told Dan his creations would stand up well against anything we’ve tried.