DaniWe are pleased to announce that
Dani Loewenstein
has accepted the role on our Leadership Team as Director of Operations – Best Day Ever Management, Great Canadian Heli-Skiing & Heather Mountain Lodge.

In addition to being a Mountain Guide, Dani has many years of Management experience in the adventure tourism and hospitality industry. Most recently he was the Area Manager for CMH Bugaboo. Prior to that Dani was the Assistant Manager for CMH Bugaboo for 7 years. In addition, Dani did a few seasons of marketing road shows for CMH in the US and Canada in his earlier years with the company. “I learned that process and clear communication are invaluable but what really makes these operations run successfully, is its people. This is where my passion lies.”

Many parts of Dani’s journey you will be able to relate to. Yet other parts have been of the kind that he would openly hope you haven’t, or never will experience. Although Dani did not take to skiing as a young Ontario boy, perhaps having been born in South Africa made him skeptical of the snow, he did take to the wilderness lakes of Canada and pursued adventure through canoeing. Eventually he found skiing in his late teens, and found he had a passion for making turns and growing dreadlocks to match. After losing his way and making a detour to university, he quickly got back on track, making tracks in Whistler honing his skills in the service industry as a level 3 ski instructor. However, as he deepened his relationship with the mountains, powder called, not just the snow, but also his ski idol from the magazines, Troy Jungen, who convinced him to move to the “Town of Opportunity” to start patrolling and honing his backcountry skills in the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains. Then he discovered heli-skiing as a means to solidify the life here in Golden, that he passionately shares with his wife Kristen and son Micah. But even the best of small town living can be interrupted by big time world events. Dani’s management career in the Bugaboos ended when he contracted Covid-19 at work in March 2020. It was serious, culminating in being hospitalized in the Fall of 2021 for over 2 months getting major arteries rebuilt and a new heart valve in place. “Two years of battling Long Covid and its downstream effects nearly killed me. Being a first wave Long Covid patient was a real wilderness!” However, beyond expectations by himself or his cardiac and vascular teams that saved his life, Dani has returned to a level of functioning that has him directing himself towards new opportunities. "Coming out the other end of such an ordeal has provided a healthy dose of perspective and appreciation. Two qualities that I feel will serve myself and those I am working with. "

We look forward to a great future with Dani in his new position.

Please take the time to congratulate Dani when you have the opportunity to meet him. He will be officially joining our team effective July 15, 2022 but you may see him prior to this as he is participating in personal professional development in the areas of EOS, risk management and guiding prior to this date.

“I look very forward to the future with GCH. Learning is inevitable, laughter is a must!” - Dani

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