The world loves to ski, proven by the thousands of ski resorts around the world. But did you know there are only about 40 dedicated heli-skiing operations, 17 of which are located in British Columbia, Canada?

Despite accounting for less than half of all heli-skiing operations, BC boasts a whopping 90% of the world’s heli-skiing days (about 90,000 days per year!). That’s about 900 lucky skiers and snowboarders making fresh tracks every day during the relatively mild BC winter season. To put that into perspective, Whistler Blackcomb’s chair lifts can accommodate 65,507 skiers per hour! Of the 40 heli-skiing operations in the world, there are reasonably few “boutique” operations that break the mould of 12-person groups and large helicopters. Boutique heli-skiing is typically defined by group size, destination and experience. If you’re looking for gourmet food, unique destination-style accommodation and group sizes of less the 5, boutique is the only heli-skiing to consider.

The five best boutique heli-skiing operations in the world are:

Ruby Mountain Helicopter Experience – This link opens in a new browser tab – Founded by Utah ski patroller and adventure seeker, Joy Royer, in 1977, Ruby Mountain has earned the reputation as North America’s secret powder stash.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge – This link opens in a new browser tab – is positioned in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, ready for anyone that is looking for extreme adventure and adrenaline.

Arctic Heli-Skiing – This link opens in a new browser tab – Skiing from peak down to the ocean, or night skiing by the light of the midnight sun are truly heli-skiing experiences that you will not find anywhere else on this planet.

Mica Heli-Skiing – This link opens in a new browser tab – is the castle in the sky, with 5-star amenities in the backcountry of British Columbia.  This specific zone receives all of the BC Interior snow-storms in addition to it’s own special selection of lake-effect snow.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing – has claim to prime heli-skiing terrain located at the east gate of Canada’s Glacier National Park, home to two of the snowiest weather stations in Canada.  The accessible, yet epic, location allows for flexible trips start dates and durations.

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