Before You Heli Ski, Here’s How To Ski Powder

Action shot of a skiier surrounded by powder
Before You Heli Ski, Here’s How To Ski Powder

Many skiers on our ski instructor courses and off-piste ski camps are very competent on the groomers, but when they ski in deep powder they lose all control…

Helicopter approaching a snowy mountainside at sunset
The World’s Top-5 Best Boutique Heli-Skiing Operations

Despite accounting for less than half of all heli-skiing operations, BC boasts a whopping 90% of the world’s heli-skiing days (about 90,000 days per year!). That’s about 900…

A group of skiiers jumping in mid-air
Why Skiing makes you Happy

So now is the time to solidify that happiness in your life by booking your heli-ski vacation for next season! Engagement is defined as the manner in which…

Skiier in a red jacket skiing down a snowy mountain
Women heli-skiing? Of course!

Chicks ruled today, there was a female guide, a female pilot, and me…a female guest. The quote above is from Heather, who recently told me as she walked…

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