People tend to listen
to your vacation stories
when they involve a helicopter.

The Great Canadian Heli-skiing experience
is like none other. Find out what makes it so unique
and why guests continue to tell stories of heli skiing BC perfect
powder with friends long after the snow melts.

Why GCH?

This year
was next year
last year.

We understand, you're busy. That's why
we offer a variety of flexible heli-skiing packages from
2-6 days in length. Now there's no reason to
postpone having the best time of your life.

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Get in over
your head
for a change.

Nothing beats a powder filled adventure
with good friends in the mountains.
Find out what sets Great Canadian
Heli-skiing apart from the rest.

Why GCH?

We get
cell reception & Internet.
But nobody has to know.

Stay in touch with work, family and friends
while you're staying with us. And more importantly,
you can send them pictures.

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