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May Newsletter – Spring Arrives!

Welcome to the latest newsletter from Great Canadian Heli-skiing! We’re excited to share with you some of the latest news, updates, and special offers from Glacier National Park, our world-class heli-ski operation and the remote, accessible Heather Mountain Lodge.

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Best Trails in Glacier National Park

Are you ready to find the best trails in Glacier National Park for an adventurous hike or a family trip? We have some great trails for hiking, climbing, mountaineering and more. The Heather Mountain Lodge team will provide trail information and Parks Canada maps for our eager guests.

Not to be confused with Glacier NP in the United States, Glacier National Park – Canada is one of the largest Canadian national parks in the country. It has a very broad ecosystem that contains large peaks, active glaciers, and dense ancient forests. It’s also home to one of the largest cave systems in Canada. Its northern location experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months. What was once a remote destination, eventually opened up to tourism upon the completion of Canadian Pacific Railway (1885) and the Trans-Canada highway (1963).

Top Ten Best Hikes in GNP

#1 – Great Glacier Trail #2 – Bear Creek Falls
#3 – Meeting of the Waters #4 – Abbott Ridge Trail
#5 – Hermit Trail #6 – Asulkan Valley Trail
#7 – Perley Rock Trail #8 – Marion Lake Lookout
#9 – Hemlock Grove Boardwalk #10 – Loop Brook

 Best five hikes in GNP blog 

Incomappleux Valley – An Alpine Treasure

The B.C. government, along with its partners, announced recently that rare ecosystems in the Interior of the province will be protected. The conservation of 185,329 acres or 75,000 hectares in the Incomappleux Valley, located in the Selkirk Mountains roughly 29 kilometres east of Revelstoke, was announced in late January. The project will share a 44-km-long boundary with Glacier National Park not too far from Heather Mountain Lodge. The Nature Conservancy of Canada, the provincial government, the federal government and a forestry company came together to make the announcement.

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Wellness > Shinrin Yoku (aka Forest Bathing)

Originating in Japan, Forest Bathing is a nature-based intervention that supports people to engage with nature in a structured way to improve mental health and well being. It allows you to connect with nature in a way that is relaxing, respectful and rejuvenating. The walk helps you feel relaxed and at ease while gaining mental and physical health benefits. Research has found that exposure to nature can reduce cortisol levels, boost your immune system, balance blood pressure and can help in resetting your nervous system. Research has also found that exposure to nature decreased depression and rumination, acting as a type of “reset button” for the brain.

There is one glitch, you won’t get the same results hiking, running or mountain biking. It’s a different way of being in nature. By going out with a guide you will be shown how to tap into this simple yet powerful practice. Once you know how to do it, you can practise it at any time, anywhere, for free, and reap the benefits yourself.

Thanks to Ronna Schneberger at ForestFix for sharing her Forest Bathing wisdom.

 Shinrin Yoku video 

Guest Testimonials

“Comparing my GCH experiences with what I hear about friends’ experiences with other operators, GCH IS THE BEST. I am very excited to return to GCH next season! And it is icing on the cake that a women’s week is so well supported and will be happening soon. I am very happy to continue recommending GCH to my friends. Thank you very, very much.” – Julia

“I was very, very happy with all the activities experienced while staying with you. The overall heli-skiing, location, guiding, teaming, spirit etc. was extraordinary. We are also more than happy to come back in the 2024/25 season.” – Andreas

“The guides were spectacular. They are the reason this trip was so amazing. All the staff were absolutely awesome. Thank you for a great time.” – Liam


Join us at Great Canadian Heli-skiing.

Limited space is available in December 2023 & January 2024!!

HoHoHo – In the Snow!

December 26-29, 2023 – 4 day trip – 4-8 skiers

$10,741 CAD per skier.

New Years at Heather Mountain Lodge

December 29-January 3rd, 2024 – 5 day trip – 4-6 skiers

$13,426 CAD per skiers

Deep Powder Week

January 10-14, 2024 – 4-5 day trip – 4 skiers

Starting at $10,741 CAD per skier.

January Peak Season – Best Days Ever

January 15-18, 2024 – 4 day trip – 4 skiers

$13,426 CAD per skier

The secret is out. Join us! Call or email today.

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