Heli-Skiing Equipment

You are welcome to bring your own ski equipment, however we do provide complimentary powder specific skis for your use during your holiday. By using our skis, not only will you save the hassle of travelling with yours, you know that there is a true, tried and tested powder ski under your foot.


We have chosen Armada as our brand of choice. Armada is a small private company like ourselves. They are the first rider-owned, rider-operated manufacturer. One of Armada’s key members is multiple-time winter x games champion Tanner Hall. They have moved the skiing world with skis like the Armada Zero JJ, to create fun loose powder surfing skis.


We have selected the Armada Zero and its family of skis as the powder ski of choice. The JJ is the most versatile premium powder ski on the market. Built with EST Freeride Rocker, the JJ dominates deep snow and still rips the hardpack on the way back to the lift. The JJ is nimble and fast edge-to-edge with a shorter turning radius than the Magic J. Rockered tips and tails combined with positive camber underfoot to promote flotation in soft snow and provide remarkable control in the harder stuff.


When selecting ski lengths you should consider the following. All of these skis have plenty of sustained width which enables them to float on powder snow. Accordingly there is no need to select a longer ski to achieve flotation. Regardless, there has been some trending towards fat and long skis. We however, strongly recommend guests to consider that there can be some benefits to riding longer skis in wide open terrain, this is more often overcome by the need to manoeuvre in trees and heavily featured sub-alpine terrain. You will have the opportunity to ski a lot of runs and a lot of powder, so pacing is a consideration. In other words, long skis are more often more difficult to turn and heavy, decreasing sub-alpine skiing ability and increasing fatigue. So as a rule of thumb select a powder ski that is 5 cm shorter than your resort ski and this will not only provide a ski suitable for flotation, but also maximize the amount of energy you will have the runs you will be able to heli ski.
We have the ARMADA Zero JJ in sizes 155, 165, 175, 185 cm.


How to determine your boot’s sole length (easy with a boot):
The length of your boot sole is “stamped” or “molded” into the plastic shell of your boot, either on the side of the heel of each boot or on the side of the boot forward of the heel. It will appear in millimeters and look like this “325 mm” or “mm 325”.
The mondo point size of the boot shell may also be present and may appear as “28-28.5 325 mm”, for example. Ignore the mondo point size, this represents the length of your foot and the liner size.

boot sole lengthboot sole length

How to determine your boot’s sole length without a boot:
If you know the Brand, Model and Foot size of your boot, but do not have access to your physical boot, check this chart to find out your “boot sole length” (which is different than your foot size).

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