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Flexible Packages


Your schedule is our schedule. We offer 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-day packages that start on every day of the week to make it easier for you to join us.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to re-capture the spirit and feeling of adventure lacking from operations whose only goal was to get bigger.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to re-capture the spirit and feeling of adventure lacking from operations whose only goal was to get bigger.

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Conditions + Terrain


The Purcell and Selkirk ranges are our playground and they offer every type of skiing imaginable; pillows, glades, and wide-open powder fields.

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Find our location, learn what to bring and check our availability.

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Small Group Heli-Skiing

Small Groups of Four: a key component in Canada’s Best Heli-Skiing operation.

You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The experience of heli-skiing in Small Groups of 4 Guests has revolutionized the industry. Experienced heli-skiers now realize that there are so many advantages to heli-skiing in a small group that they won’t compromise or settle for less. The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


With just 4 people in a group, it is much easier to group people of similar abilities. Having fewer people in a group means there is less of a chance of big differences in ability. By being in a smaller group our guides are able to match you with others of similar abilities and ambitions.Guests love our beautifully spaced gladed tree skiing (see our Terrain page for more details and photos).

This type of terrain is much easier to navigate with a small group. In order to increase your enjoyment, our guides need to manage the group effectively and it’s much easier for him/her to keep track of 4 people.With a smaller group we are able to get into more varied and interesting terrain. For example, in our vast tenure we have some cool chutes and natural half pipes. These are easy to navigate with a small group and the last person to ski down still has fresh tracks.With groups of 4 it is much easier for the program to run at an efficient pace.

Think about the time it takes a large group to get in and out of a helicopter…and that helicopter probably services 3 or 4 groups (possibility up to 48 guests). Now think of our program where at the most, there’s just 3 groups of 4 (i.e. 12 people) getting in and out. This translates to less time messing around getting geared up and more time actually skiing!The guides love managing small groups as they are very mobile. If, for example, it is snowing heavily in the morning and we are unable to fly we will wait until there’s a clearing and when it’s safe, we will quickly get you out skiing.

This is easy to do because small groups can mobilize very quickly. With the smaller group size, we can use a smaller helicopter. The A-Star B2 is a fast and nimble machine. Therefore accessibility to cool terrain is increased. The B2 is able to safely get into landing and take-off zones that the larger helicopters cannot. For example, with the A-Star, we can land on small ridges or land where the trees are tighter. Another cool thing with the A-Star is everyone gets a great view out of the helicopter!

Less re-fueling. With a smaller machine, there is less weight. This means is that the helicopter requires much less fuel. The large machines usually need to re-fuel 3 or more times a day….this means more waiting around! With the A-Stars, we usually need to refuel only once…and that’s when you are at lunch out in the field! If it’s late season and the groups are skiing a lot, we may need to refuel again…but the good news is we usually have 2 helicopters working in tandem, so you will get to keep skiing while one helicopter goes and refuels.Small group heli-skiing has a positive impact on Safety and Communications.

It is much easier for a guide to communicate with guests when there’s only 4 people. The guide can easily explain what features lay ahead: what to avoid or where you can let it rip! It is also easier for the guide to lead and keep track of 4 guests, especially through the trees. With small groups we know your name and you can tell us your thoughts. With small groups it is easier for your guide to get to know you and your desires. With small groups you only need 3 other friends or family to form your own private group. With small groups there are only ever 3 people between you and your guide. With small groups there isn’t any pressure getting in and out of the helicopter, going first, skiing down the slopes, in the trees or picking up the pieces from wipe-outs. With small groups we are able to ski at your groups desired pace. With small groups you are going to have a lot more fun!

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