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Flexible Packages


Your schedule is our schedule. We offer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10-day packages that start on every day of the week to make it easier for you to join us.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to recapture the spirit of adventure by pioneering small groups.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to recapture the spirit of adventure by pioneering small groups.

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Conditions + Terrain


The Purcell and Selkirk ranges are our playground and they offer every type of skiing imaginable; pillows, glades, and wide-open powder fields.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Resort & Catskiing

Personalized Packages including: Heli-Skiing, Resort Skiing & Cat-Skiing

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is fortunate to be located in British Columbia’s powder producing epicenter…or as we like to say, “epic-center!” Because so much snow blankets the Selkirk and Purcell mountains — as much as 45 feet (14m) each winter — many different ski operations have popped up across the region. Within 30 minutes of the towns of Golden and Revelstoke, there are all sorts of world-class heli-skiing, cat-skiing, snowmobiling and backcountry lodge options, as well as two phenomenal lift-serviced ski areas: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and Revelstoke Mountain Resort That’s where our Personalized Combination Packages come in.

To help you experience the wide range of winter wonders in this unique region, we’ll custom-tailor your schedule to include anything and everything a powder addict could want. Maybe you’d like to get your “ski legs” back on Kicking Horse’s 80 in-bounds chutes before going heli-skiing. Maybe you like the idea of hitting Revelstoke, the resort with the biggest vertical in North America.

Maybe you’d prefer to work your way up to heli-skiing by going cat-skiing, which uses snow grooming machines known as “snow cats” to carry groups of skiers up mountainsides in comfortable cabins. Chatter Creek Cat-skiing, for instance, is renowned for its snow and terrain, and has starred in dozens of ski and snowboard magazines and movies. Whatever combination you choose — check out some awesome options below — we’re here to help you make the most of your time in B.C.’s power epic-center!


This week-long, all-inclusive combo package includes skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and heli-skiing with Great Canadian.

All packages are based on 6 days of skiing split between the resort and our heli terrain Longer or shorter trips are available upon request.

HORSES & HELI Package Inclusions:

Self-drive option

  • All accommodation — The Vagabond Lodge at Kicking Horse, located about 100 steps from the Gondola; and Heather Mountain Lodge while heli-skiing.
  • Lift tickets — All lift tickets for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
  • Rental equipment — High-performance skis or snowboards from Selkirk Sports while at Kicking Horse. Guests are able to demo different models during their rental period at no extra charge! Powder skis/poles/boards while at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing.
  • Meals — Al meals for the heli-skiing portion. At Kicking Horse, all breakfasts and lunches are included.
  • Heli-Skiing Package — Unlimited Vertical, so no extra charges! Small groups of 4 people. Free use of rental skis/boards and transceivers. All meals and upscale double-occupancy accommodation.

Not included: Airport and resort transfers (this is a self-drive tour), applicable taxes, dinners for resort portion, gratuities/tips, alcohol, extra services such as massage.


What do you get when you package the world’s best heli-skiing with the world’s best cat-skiing? You get our “Golden Powder Dreams” package, which splits your stay between Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and Chatter Creek Cat-skiing to create the best week-long powder package imaginable.

All packages include 6 overnights and 6 days of skiing, which can be split equally between cat-skiing and heli-skiing, or  made less costly by doing one less day of heli and spending an extra day on the cat

GOLDEN POWDER DREAMS Package Inclusions:

Self-drive option

  • Heli-Skiing Package — Unlimited vertical, so no extra skiing charges! We average about 5,800m (19,350ft) of vertical per day, with strong groups often doing much more! Small groups of 4 people. Rental of fat skis/boards (bring your own boots), and avalanche transceiver. All meals and double-occupancy accommodation.
  • Cat-Skiing Package — Daily vertical of between 3,658m and 6,096m (12,000-20,000ft)! Only 1 group of 12 people per cat. Rental of fat skis/boards (bring your own boots) and avalanche transceiver. All meals and double-occupancy accommodation.

Not included: Applicable taxes, transfers, gratuities/tips, alcohol, extra services such as massage.

The Statistics

With the equivalent vertical drop and challenging terrain as Jackson Hole, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort boasts 106 runs and 80 inbound chutes over 2750 acres, with terrain for all abilities. There’s also award-winning mountain top dining and a wide variety of winter activities. Located just 60 minutes east of Heather Mountain Lodge (base of operations for Great Canadian Heli-Skiing).

Ski Area: 2,750 acres

Runs: 106 (including 80 in-bounds chutes)

Terrain: 20% beginner, 20% intermediate, 45% advanced and 15% expert.

Average Snowfall: 7m (275in)

Highest Elevation: 2,450m (8,033ft)

Lowest Elevation: 1,190m (3,900ft)

Lifts: 5 including a high-speed gondola.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a must if you love huge vertical, bottomless power and exceptional tree skiing.

Location:  A 70-minute drive west of Heather Mountain Lodge, the base of operations for Great Canadian Heli-Skiing.

Ski Area: 3,121 acres

Vertical: 1,713m (5,260ft)

Runs: 54

Terrain: 7% beginner, 46% intermediate, 47% advanced

Average Snowfall: 12m (40ft)

Highest Elevation: 2,225m (7,300ft)

Lowest Elevation: 512m (1,680ft)

Lifts: 4 including a gondola and 2 high-speed quads.

Chatter Creek  is one of North America’s  largest and most spectacular cat-skiing and heli-skiing destinations. Encompasses a mix of tree skiing, vast alpine bowls, and sprawling glaciers, Chatter Creek’s tenure gets buried in some of the lightest, driest powder in the world! The views of the Rockies and the Columbia and Clemenceau ice fields are unparalleled. At any one time, this enormous area is shared by no more than 36 skiers and boarders, plus their 6 guides. There are many places to cat-ski, but there is only one Chatter Creek!

Ski Area: 238 sq2 kilometers (92 sq2 miles) or 58,000 acres. Over 50 kilometers of active snow roads.

Vertical: Daily vertical 3,658 – 6,096m (12,000 – 20,000ft). Each run can average 760m (2,500ft).

Terrain: tree runs, old burns, wide open alpine areas and glacier skiing. 65% of the terrain is alpine and glacier skiing, 35% is tree skiing.

Average Snowfall: 14m (550in or 46ft)

Highest Elevation: 3,000m (10,000ft)

Lowest Elevation: 1,500m (5,000ft)

Lifts: 3 snow-cats with only 1 group of 12 people per cat. 2 back-up cats on-site.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, the most accessible Canadian heli-skiing operation from an international airport, is located between Golden and Revelstoke BC in the heart of the world’s heli-skiing powder belt. GCH offers helicopter assisted guided skiing in the snow-choked mountains of the Purcell and Selkirk Ranges. In 1988, Great Canadian Heli-Skiing pioneered skiing in small groups of 4 and was the first to incorporate Unlimited Vertical in all packages.

Ski Area: 437 sq kilometers (169 sq miles) or 108,191 acres (that’s equivalent to 13.4 Whistler-Blackcombs for a maximum of only 24 people!).

Vertical: Average groups do 6,500m (21,450ft), very strong groups can do 10,000 vertical meters (33,000ft) in a day. Each run can average 460 – 760m (1,500 – 2,500ft).

Runs: +150 named runs.

Longest Run: “Cornice Glacier”: ca. 1,800m (5,905ft)!

Terrain: All types of terrain – glaciers, open bowls, gladed trees.

Average Snowfall: 14m (550in or 46ft). Snow base is usually over 3.5m (12ft).

Lodge Elevation: 1,030m (3,379ft)

Highest Peak in tenure: 3,251m (10,666ft)

Highest Drop-off: 2,970m (9,744ft)

Lowest Elevation: 834m (2,736ft)

Down Days: 0-3 days max per season!!

Lifts: 3 A-Star helicopters, the best in the business. Small groups of 4 people, with a max of 3 groups operating from 1 helicopter.

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