At Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, our company's goal is to learn about what creates “Best Day Ever” moments, by collecting 10,000 Best Day Ever stories over the next 10 years.

The idea came from our heli-skiing guests coming in at the end of their ski day saying, “That was the Best Day Ever!” They would talk to us, describing their experience — what it meant to them, beyond a great day skiing.

The stories we are interested in are meaningful and memorable moments in people’s lives, and give insight into what creates those moments. For simplicity, we call them “Best Day Evers” – moments that are highlighted in one’s mental photo album, or something that one would write into an end-of-year letter.

We would love to hear one of your stories, something that jumps to mind, a Best Day Ever moment. It can be from the last year, the last ten years, or if you have a life-defining Best Day Ever from any moment in your life. It could be a milestone event (like birthdays, weddings, births), but please take license to pick other moments in your life that jump out for you (they will in no way take away from those milestones). It could be:

  • a moment of achievement or overcoming adversity, 
  • an awe-inspiring magical moment of serendipity, 
  • a powerful moment that upon reflection was life-defining, 
  • a moment where you felt expressed, “this is me!”, 
  • a moment where you felt so connected you simply knew you belonged…or, 
  • whatever else springs to mind when you think Best Day Ever. 

To give you a bit structure, you can do the following:

  1. Describe the moment: If you can paint a picture with words of the moment — great! Or if you are a point-form kind of person you can just list the points (when, where, what, who).
  2. Describe the meaning you give that moment: Why do you think this moment is meaningful to you? What does it represent to you? How does it make you feel remembering it?
  3. Picture: Send us a picture that represents that moment. It can be an actual picture of the moment or day, but it also be a picture that you feel represents it either of the activity, people, places (not at the moment but of an image associated with the moment), or it can be a picture that you take now of a piece of memorabilia from that moment.

None of it has to be long, a paragraph will do (unless you feel totally inspired to write more). 

What are we going to do with them? Right now we are simply collecting them, learning how to convey the Best Day Ever question to others. In the future, we may ask your permission to post snippets in a blog or newsletter, but for now, we just would love for you to share your story with us.

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