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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).


Powder Technique


Brush up on your technique before hitting the powder.

Skiing in powder is a little bit different than your typical groomed resort runs. Check out our tips below for a perfect powder experience.

1) Lower your expectations of where your skis will go as you get into heavier snow pack – less turning is more. Stay centered and ready to ROCK or ready for anything! Adjust your skiing with the elevation. Listen to the sound of the snow, feel the action underneath your feet. Light and responsive? Slow and gummy, almost? Change your approach.

2) Feel that pain? Thigh burn? Let it go. Focus forward and on your breath. The less turning and stopping the better. In all likelihood, you’re holding your breath, which builds lactic acid up in your muscles. QUIT THAT and just give’r!


3) Want better balance? FIRM, committed pole plant, STANDING TALL OVER your pole really works – let the skis bend and sway in the POW – you just need to DANCE!

4) STEEP TERRAIN INTIMIDATING?? NOT quite making the turn shape you want? Can’t quite keep the groove the way you want to? POLE PLANT & PUNCH.

As your pole is going into the snow, Punch your opposite hand forward. This keeps your upper body over your knees and in the middle of the skis. It works with all ages and I highly recommend it! WHEN I say punch, I mean PUNCH DOWNHILL towards the freshies! (And where your guide is waiting to show you the next stash!)

two on the slope

5) Let them GO! (the skis, that is). It’s creative. Skiing is like painting on the snow with a paint brush. The brush is your ski and the snow pack is your paint. Leave your signature on your masterpiece every time you get on that snow. Let the skis SHOW YOU where they want to go. There are no rules here.

6) Take a picture!! Those memories get you through to the next POWDER SATURATION!!
On that note, there are some epic places all around Great Canadian explore along the way if you have extra time – whether you’re flying out of Calgary, Kelowna or Vancouver.

Check out Emerald Lake and Emerald Lake Lodge on your way through Yoho National Park, east of Great Canadian Heli-skiing. It’s a beaut. Break up the drive with a snowshoe or a cross country ski. Rent skis right from the Boat house on the lake and get your legs stretched your heart racing with cardio and immerse yourself in the views. Stunning and breathtaking as all the Rockies, Purcells and Selkirks are, YOHO is just as magical, mystical and full of adventure.