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One hour of heli-skiing = Infinity

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So you don’t have enough time to go heli-skiing? A Zen master once said, “Everyone should meditate for one minute per day. If you are very busy, you should meditate for one hour.” Contemplate for a moment the pure insanity of the life we live in cities. Rush hour confines us to our vehicles for minutes or hours. We add to the impatience of the wait by thinking about where we’re supposed to be, and what we’re missing. The pressure builds. Time seems to shrink.


Our lives fill to bursting, and we postpone the joyful and the adventurous for “next year” ou “another time” – or worse, “later.” Later never comes.

If we follow the Zen master’s advice, we would stop in our tracks, turn off our vehicles and mobile devices and simply head for the hills. Mountain time is infinite.


When you get into a helicopter and leave the Lodge behind for the day, you are entering into a timeless state of being. Total freedom. You are heli-skiing. All you think about is the moment – the feeling of soft powder under your board or skis, the smell of cold mountain air, the taste of snow on your lips as you wash away the stress of city life in the deep snow of the Selkirks and Purcells.


Skiing is an activity that gives you time. It fills your inner stores with energy and leaves your muscles tired but spirits full of life. Time spent in the mountains is infinitely generous – it refills what the stress of a busy life depletes. You may ask yourself, “Do I have the time to go heli-skiing this year?” – and the question you should be asking is, “Do I have time to NOT go?”


Come ski with us and see why most of the folks who ski with us come back every year. Find the time you seek, and ground yourself in the infinity of the moment, simply skiing in the mountains.

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