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Flexible Packages


Your schedule is our schedule. We offer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10-day packages that start on every day of the week to make it easier for you to join us.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to recapture the spirit of adventure by pioneering small groups.

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Great Canadian Heli-skiing was born in 1988 when a guide and few heli-skiing guests wanted to recapture the spirit of adventure by pioneering small groups.

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Conditions + Terrain


The Purcell and Selkirk ranges are our playground and they offer every type of skiing imaginable; pillows, glades, and wide-open powder fields.

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heli skiing Canada Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Best Stories Ever

  • by Social Media
  • Wednesday January 8, 2014

Spouse sends husband heliskiing. A story of love.

 Helicopter view of heliskiing There are so many different ways to show your love and gifts are not a requirement, but when they are given, we can all hope they leave this deep an impact on the one that is to receive them.I met Paul early in the Heather Mountain Lodge dining room before most of the servers had arrived for their shifts.  It was clear to me that he was a man that was used to getting up early and making the best out of each day.  As I poured him a morning coffee, Paul started to share with me the story of how he ended up becoming one of our guests.   Paul told me that the only reason that he was able to experience his first heli skiing trip was with his wife's  blessings and the gift he received from her and his mother  at Christmas.Now he didn't quite say it because he is a humble man, but it was clear that Paul is a tremendously supportive husband to his wife.  He spoke about  long hours away from her in the oil fields in order to make their home and their life together more comfortable.  He went on to say that "his wife owns a candy store and has quite an entrepreneurial drive," and that at the end of the day they retreat back to their small farm they had bought in order to spend quality time together.Paul is familiar with big mountain skiing, but he usually ends up touring and spending most of the day climbing as opposed to skiiing down through glades and bowls.  His reasoning is very practical and sentimental; he is the type of guy that puts his family first and he would typically choose a trip for 2 to somewhere warm before living out his own dream of heliskiing.This year was different though...His wife Liana had been taking a keen interest in the videos that Paul had been watching on Youtube.  She had seen that he kept bookmarking the footage that our guests had given us to put up on our social networks. She could tell that the footage was raw and that it was not professionally edited in order to look like great experiences.  The videos she caught over his shoulder where of previous guests that had huge smiles from skiing in our tenure with our guides and she wanted Paul to have the same experience.  She knew that he would never give himself a ski trip like he was watching online, so she contacted our sales department and took the matter into her own hands.Christmas arrived, and beneath the tree stood 5 gifts of varying dimensions, Heliskiing Santa had visited. When Paul told me about this there was a real excitement in his voice, as if he was re-experiencing the sensations associated with that morning. They had all been gifts from his wife in regards to Great Canadian Heli Skiing.  The first gift was a tee shirt which he tried on and showed off quite proudly. Then came a toque that he put onto his head and he reveled in the images of helicopters across the front.  They proceeded to get bigger and he found a fleece sweater that looked great with the toque.Finally, the last gift remained... When he opened it, he grinned from cheek to cheek and that sense of elation when something you really wanted finally came true went through him.  His wife had given him a gift that he could have never expected in his wildest dreams.  She had put her trust in our guides and our services, and she had given him a push towards his dream of heliskiing.  His wife had given him a heliskiing vacation to some of the best slopes and snow in the world.When it comes to powder skiing...Don't we all just love a happy ending?Skiing the backcountry BC