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Perfect gift for a skier at Christmas

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Christmas Helicopter

Christmas Helicopter

The countdown is on, the holidays are almost upon us. There is already a winter chill in the air and Jack Frost is nipping at all of our toes. Decorations are being hung and Christmas tree lots are springing up everywhere. The Christmas season and holidays around this time of year are truly about giving and looking at the sheer joy in someone’s face as you have shared some holiday charity with them. Since you are reading this blog it can be assumed that you or someone that you love has a deep interest in helicopter skiing or snowboarding. Imagine this…

Imagine the look of surprise when your loved one opens up a gift beneath the tree to find a polar fleece Arcteryx Great Canadian Heli Skiing fleece shirt inside. They are sure to try it on for size right there and then and they might start to imagine all those steeps and deeps.

Now imagine them crying with happiness when they find out they got it because it means you bought them a heli ski trip of a lifetime!

Amazement…Shock…Joy…these words best describe the feelings that a loved one would have if you put them in that situation.

When it comes to gift giving, memories last a lifetime and they tend to be the best gifts you can give. If your loved one is hooked on the sport then maybe you should give the gift of helicopter skiing down some of the best powdery slopes ever.

Our staff of helicopter pilots and ski guides can help make their dreams come true. You can also rest safely knowing that each night they will be staying in a warm and comfortable room in our lodge with a staff of chefs and hospitality professionals at their fingertips. This means that they will be treated as family and we will make sure they are well fed and ready for each day on those gorgeous mountains.

If this has pulled on your heart strings and you know that your loved one will remember this forever then we suggest calling Deane at 250.344.2326 midweek or contacting us through our email at in order to know more or arrange the purchase of a gift certificate.

With your minimum purchase of a $1000 gift certificate towards one our heli skiing packages you will receive an arcteryx fleece sweater. We will mail you the arteryx fleece with our logo so you can put it under your Christmas Tree or come up with your own way to surprise your loved one over the holidays.

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Wow a Heli-Skiing Trip for Christmas

Wow a Heli-Skiing Trip for Christmas

A great heli ski gift under the Christmas tree

A great heli ski gift under the Christmas tree

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