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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).


Stan Metcalfe

Stan. Stan Metcalfe. Power Tool. GCH Ski Guide. Physiotherapist.

Stan Metcalfe

Stan is the epitome of professional ski bumming. Heading into his 5th season of guiding with GCH, he’s found a way to make skiing full time work for his family and bank account in the small Town of Golden, BC. With his alter ego as a physiotherapist and business owner, recently winning awards for business renovation and professional services in Golden, BC, we decided to ask Stan the obvious question – why Great Canadian?

“I guide for Great Canadian because of their 100% commitment to excellence. This commitment is not only for the possible skiing for our clients but also trickles right down into everything we do including meals, coffee and the little things. If something is not perfect, we’re working to get it there. This 100% commitment by the company, staff and all the guides makes GCH an easy place to work, and work hard!”

In our casual setting Stan speaks highly of Great Canadian, his co-workers, the management, and the terrain… “I know I say in my online bio that 40-watt is my favourite run, but it changes. Last year my absolute favourite was Cheap Scotch. It was so good in varied conditions, holds snow well, and it has a beautiful setting.

Probably the best thing about it is that we can take groups of all levels up there and everybody has a good time.”

After 8 years of guiding at GCH, I asked Stan to reflect back on his best memory. “Hands down, my best memory was skiing with my parents and brother for a few days. The funny thing was that the snow was not perfect – we found some good areas but had to work for it. I guess the thing that really made it my top memory was that feeling of doing something epic and special with my family. Heli-skiing is about more than the epic snow – it’s about the experience, the reward, and who you’re sharing it with.”

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