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As the original “boutique heli-skiing” operation, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized experience from the moment you contact us.


How Many Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Days Do you Have?

Powder Privileges

Whether you have over 250 skier days (yes someone really does have that many. Check it out) at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing or have hit our 10+ days milestone you have made our Powder Privileges list.

We just changed administrative systems last year and we are doing an audit of Powder Privileges Skier Days counts. Can you help us out? If you have heli-skied with us 10 or more days you can see here if we have properly counted your skier days. If your days are not listed properly please drop us a line at We want to get it right so we can recognize you in our new display at the lodge and to reward you properly.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing has some loyal guests and we have a tradition of recognizing their accomplishments with custom Powder Privileges Fleece, Soft Shells, Hard Shells, Custom Skis and Snowboards and even run names (see our rewards list).

Verify your heli-ski days count with us at: Guest skier days as of aug 2014