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Heli-Skiing Discount For Americans

American Guests Save 10 to 15%

Bookings are really strong at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and it has to do with how many of our southerly neighbours are taking advantage of their strong dollar and our consistent powder snow.

October 2014 = Strong USD

On October 15th 2014 the US dollar bought 1.1371 Canadian dollars. Last year the US and Canadian dollars spent much of their rates at around par. Simply put for our American guests heli-skiing is about 10% less than it was last year.

5 Year High for USD

These October exchange rates are basically the best exchange rates Americans have seen over the past 5 years. The price to go heli-skiing is significantly lower than when the US dollar was weaker than the Canadian back in 2011. Back then the US dollar buying power was less than par and heli-skiing in Canada was almost 15% higher than present exchange rates.

The tables have turned and there is no better time than now to take advantage of the Strong US dollar. We hope you contact us now and use this as a good reason to make heli-skiing happen for you this winter.

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