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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).


Great Canadian Glading

Rob glading

Glading heli-ski runs actually goes beyond just being a Canadian redneck past time. Our operations Manager, Rob Dalinghaus spends a lot of time choosing the zones to be gladed, administering the paperwork for our application for a license to cut, and following strict guidelines on what type and size of trees that can be cut and how they should be cut. The end result is always worth the effort though. Not only do we create access to runs we also enhance destinations to go heli-skiing when the visibility does not allow us to travel far. Basically it is an investment which pays off in low down days for our guests. Now you know why here at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing we Love our Loggers.

Areas that were Gladed this September:

  • Love a Logger (top section)
  • Malicious (mainline below boulder field) and Twilight Zone
  • Velcro, LH lines and Big “O” (Mid-section to hover down)
  • Smoke (General annoying bits between Smoke 1 and 2)