Why choose small group Heli-Skiing?

You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back! More

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The World’s Top 5 Boutique Heli-Skiing Operations — FREE eBOOK DOWNLOAD

The world's top 5 boutique heli-skiing operations

Did you know that there are over 40 dedicated heli-skiing operations in the world? At first glance they might all look the same — promising the best powder day of your life but not all heli-skiing is created equal. Fill out the form below to download your complimentary eBook “The World’s Top 5 Boutique Heli-Skiing Operations” and discover which premier heli-skiing destinations should top your consideration list.

In this 12-page eBook, you’ll discover:

  • What to look for when choosing a heli-skiing destination
  • When to go, based on the winter season in each region
  • What ’boutique’ heli-skiing really means and why you should care
Plus an overview of the top 5 operations, including location, accessibility, vertical guarantees and more!