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small group

You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


Deep Snow Needs Deep Massage

massage therapy

Book a massage during your heli skiing holiday to to maximize your enjoyment. Our registered massage therapist treatments can improve muscle flexibility, increased range of motion in the joints, and decreased muscle stiffness. You will be ready to maximize each day of heli-skiing and enjoy the relaxation of massage.

At Heather Mountain Lodge, there are 2 massage rooms and 3 massage time slots between after heli-skiing and dinner. Massages are scheduled in 45 minute blocks. There is also additional massage appointments and options for a longer massage in the evening. Each morning come down to the massage rooms for a stretch class, or choose a 30 min leg or foot treatment to get you loosened and firing for your day out in the mountains. See a menu of Heather Mountain Lodge’s massage treatments below.

To book a massage please feel free to contact Heather Mountain Lodge front desk and pick your dates and times, info@heathermountainlodge.com

Sports Massage – The Skier Necessity
A full body massage, focussed on returning the blood and lymph fluid to the heart for quicker recovery from your SKI DAY! 45 min – $85
Therapeutic Massage – Completely Unique to You
The perfect massage customized for any injury. Talk to your therapist to see what options are available. 45 min – $85
Hot Stone Massage – Ultimate Relaxation
Wonderful after a few day of skiing. Heats the body up quickly, relaxes and minimizes muscle soreness. Stress melts away with the use of the basalt stones for your Ultimate Relaxation. 60 min – $110

Morning Massages
Please Book Morning Massages the Night Before

Complete Vital Leg Massage
Refresh and relieve heavy tired legs. Lower legs are treated with an essential oil blend to reduce fluid retention. Help prevent muscle aches and will include a wonderful foot massage. 30 min – $60
Sole Revival Foot Reflexology
Revive tired and weary feet with a warm salt soak, scrub and massage, leaving you completely relaxed. Providing you balance and stress release. 30 min – $60