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BEST DAY EVER – A Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Philosophy

“I totally Carpe-d the snot out of this diem!”
– Jerry Scott

Tine, Björn and Michelle

There is nothing better than watching group after group returning from their day of heli-skiing, swaggering and swooning from the stories they are bootlegging in with them from the mountains back to the lodge. Upon entry through the timber-frame threshold of the lodge, an obligatory yelp is met with high fives, launching the clinging hitchhiking snow into a final champagne shower to commemorate the winning’s of the day. What was won? “The Best Day Ever”.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is in the business of supplying your “Best Day Ever”, an experience of living in the moment and feeling alive. We have guests coming back each day claiming their days skiing experience to have been their “Best Day Ever”, or coming back year after year claiming “Best Day Ever” multiple days and years in a row.

I guess we could excuse ourselves if we become blase about the claim, but the fact is that the “Best Day Ever” is why we exist. It is why our guide team has been training and exploring our terrain for the past 27 years. It is why we only use A-star helicopters and small groups of 4 per guide (the best guest to guide ratio in our industry). It is why in 1996 Heather Mountain Lodge was built in the wilderness, off-the-grid, and in the middle of the epic snow producing climate of the Rogers Pass area. It is why we have unlimited vertical – so you can keep heli-skiing every day without adding additional charges to your bill. All of this is our attempt to tip the scale and put the odds in your favour thus allowing you to have your “Best Day Ever” at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing.

And, when you are hitting your highs, we are having our best days too. We get to celebrate with you, we feel the buzz and the reward of sharing where we live and what we do with you. It’s the affirmation we need to confirm the commitment we have made to being here and sharing our backyard with you. Not to mention that we are likely adding our own Best Day Ever to our life’s trophies.

So whether you’re thinking about a solo powder filled heli-skiing holiday, or a trip with family and friends, we hope you will join us this winter to Carpe the snot out of your Diem.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than the ones you did. So leave the lift lines. Fly away from ski hill boundaries. Float your way down untracked mountains. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– If Mark Twain was a HeliSkier