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5 Reasons You Will Never Go Heli-Skiing

Here are the top 5 reasons you will never go heli-skiing (and why you should anyways).

  1. You don’t have the time.

    Heli-skiing doesn’t have to be a week-long endeavor. With unlimited vertical just think how much skiing you can get done in just two or three days. Combine that with flexible packages that can start on ANY day of the week and that’s enough to conquer even the most time-crunched schedule. No wonder Great Canadian Heli-Skiing was #2 in Outside Magazine’s Top 10 Heli-Ski Destinations and described as “Best Place for the Time Crunched”.

  2. It’s too expensive.

    Flying around in a helicopter sounds expensive, but is great value when it comes to powder snow. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing packages start at $3,840 and that’s not just skiing. All packages include a room in the beautiful Heather Mountain Lodge, meals cooked by our in-house chef, use of our powder specific gear and of course, unlimited vertical. The value question is, how many resort holidays will it take to achieve the same amount of powder that Great Canadian Heli-Skiing offers in one trip? Stop wishing for powder on your next holiday and guarantee it.

  3. It’s dangerous.

    Great Canadian Heli-Skiing holds your safety as our #1 priority. Our guides are experienced, certified professionals that are all trained in snow safety, weather analysis, and emergency medical techniques. What makes a great guide? One that is confident to say “No” when your safety is concerned and “Yes” when your fun is. Our guides go out each day respecting the wildness that is our backyard, and finding winter’s finest on offer for your enjoyment.

  4. You have to be a pro to take on Heli-Skiing.

    Not true. Whether you are a blue square skier on weekends or you bomb nothing but double black diamonds, there is terrain for you. Our guides’ knowledge of the terrain and experience leading skiers of all abilities allows them to tailor your skiing at GCH to your skill.

  5. I don’t have the fitness.

    True, there is a certain level of fitness required, but skiing also has benefits to your health. It’s also never too early to start hitting the gym. Make a heli-skiing holiday your motivation to get yourself “Yahoo” ready! What other gym club pays off with such big rewards?

There are many more reasons why you won’t heli-ski this year, and only one reason why you will, Because You Want To! If you want to, then join Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. We want to hear from you!