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You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


How to Book

Registration, Insurance and Refunds

Congratulations on your decision to come helicopter skiing with the pioneers of the boutique heli-skiing concept! We pride ourselves on our personalized service and that starts with your booking. We make the booking process as simple as possible. To join us for the most incredible Canadian mountain holiday of your life (until you visit us again) here’s what you need to do:

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Registration and Deposits

Step 1 – Using our packages section, select a tour and date that suits you.

Step 2 – Be sure to read the Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Waiver and Terms and Conditions before booking your package. This waiver will affect your legal rights. You will be required to sign a copy of this waiver before being allowed to ski/ride with us.

Step 3Contact our office with any questions or with a booking request.

Step 4 – To secure your space, we require an Initial Deposit of $1,500.00 for 2, 3 and 4 day packages, $2,500 for 5 and 6 day packages, or 20% for Privates and Semi-Privates. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Wire Transfers and Personal Cheque. Our preferred method is by Bank Transfer.

Step 5 – After we have processed your deposit, we will send you our Welcome Package. As time gets closer to your trip, we will send you a reminder about paying the Final Deposit. This is due 14 weeks prior to your trip, or November 1st, whichever comes first. Any spot held will be subject to cancellation if the full deposit balance is not received by the final deposit date. If you are booking after November 1st, the final deposit will be necessary upon the booking date. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Personal Cheque or Wire Transfers. Deposits are considered payments upon your departure date. Any additional charges or refunds will be presented at this time. Deposits in US funds will be credited to your account at the exchange rate that we receive upon deposit at the bank. This rate is always subject to change.

Vertical Refunds

Luckily for our guests, it is extremely rare that we ever need to refund. In fact, we average just 2 down days all season long, so we almost always exceed the guaranteed vertical. Refunds are given only for mechanical delays or inclement weather. Refunds will not be given for any unused part of a package due to physical and skiing abilities. Note the minimum vertical assigned to a single run will be 500 vertical metres, even if the pick up is less.

Refunds are $100 per 1,000 vertical metres (vm) not skied based on the following guarantees:

  • 6 days – 30,500 vm
  • 5 days – 22,000 vm
  • 4 days – 17,500 vm
  • 3 days – 13,000 vm
  • 2 days – 8,800 vm

If you do not ski any portion of your holiday, starting late, coming in early, taking a day off, or arriving late or departing early, the seat is forfeited, and GCH can use at its own discretion, for guiding purposes, for its employees benefits, or for other cost saving or revenue generating purposes, without any compensation to you. The helicopter refuels mid-day. This is your opportunity to go back to the Lodge. Please advise your guide in advance if you wish to ski a partial day. If a guest chooses to a take a day off, or is not present at 8:30 am for briefings on first day, or 9:00 am subsequent days, there are no guarantees, and low probability, that a guest will be able to join their group that day late, or at lunch time.

Cancellations and Insurance

Cancellations – We will refund all deposits made, less the non-refundable initial deposit; in Canadian Funds, for cancellations received in writing, 14 full weeks prior to the commencement date of your trip, or November 1st, whichever comes first. If you are unable to make your holiday after the cancellation date, the package you purchased is non-refundable, however you may transfer to another person if you find a replacement.
If a guests heli-skiing holiday is interrupted, by injury, or any other reason, and they are unable to continue their heli-skiing holiday, no part of their holiday, deposits, or payments is refundable or creditable.
In summary, there are no refunds or credits offered by the company, for any reason after the final deposit date.For this reason, third party trip cancellation and interruption insurance are highly recommended.
Please note: the nature of our business requires that we make significant commitments of highly trained personnel and very expensive equipment well in advance of your skiing with us. We do this to ensure you have the best holiday possible when you arrive. As such, we cannot refund in full or any unused portion of a trip to customers who find they must cancel after the final deposit date.

Insurance – For your peace of mind, and to avoid any financial hardship an unexpected cancellation could cause, Uniglobe Specialty Travel has arranged for travel insurance coverage especially for your holiday package with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. Visit Uniglobe Specialty Travel travel insurance web page to request a quote and read the cancellation brochure (pdf) for further information. Or contact: Robin or Wanetta, Uniglobe Specialty Travel Ltd, phone: 1.866.667.0811 or +1.250.837.2544 (international).

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