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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).



Alright folks, its contest time! We still have tons of snow and lots of winter left but we can’t help but be exited for next year and new gear! We are challenging everyone and anyone to let their creativity flow and submit an original t-shirt design for Great Canadian Heli-Skiing for a chance to win a pair of Norwalk Armada Skis.


Each entry must provide a high resolution vector graphic and an example of design placement on the given t-shirt template. The GCH logo provided is solely for the purpose of the contest and must be incorporated into the design. By submitting their design, entrants give GCH full rights to use their design in promoting it on our website, social media site, and reproducing for retail sales. All graphics used by the entrant must be their own original design and the entrant must have the legal right to use the graphic. Any entries that are deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be entered.

Deadline for entries March 7th. Deadline for voting is March 28.

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Score will be kept by one point for each individual that likes your design and one point for each individual that comments on your design (one point for each individual, multiple comments by the same person on an entry will only result in one point).
March 7th (midnight Mountain Time) Entry Deadline
March 14th (midnight Mountain Time) Top 8 Decided (Fresh Voting Start)
March 21 Top 4 Decided (midnight Mountain Time) (Fresh Voting Start)
March 25th Top Decided (midnight Mountain Time)
March 28th Winner Decided (midnight Mountain Time)
March 29th Winner Announced

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing reserves the right to chose the final winning design.


Submit all Designs to sm@canadianheli-skiing.com before March 7th for consideration.


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