We need your help!

With 20 years as a leader of our business, I know that the words I need your help are sometimes the hardest to utter. There is often an expectation, as the leader, to know the answer, to provide certainty. But it’s times like now, where the size, complexity and uncertainty of the issues demand humility. My reward for asking for help from our leadership team, employees, partners, community, guests, friends and family is genuine authentic support to build a plan forward for this winter from the pieces of certainty that we do have.

At this moment, we know Canada’s borders are closed to international visitors, and so only Canadians can presently get to us. But we remain open to the possibility that, with our government’s announcement for increasing testing, the border closure policies might change. The opportunity for our guests to travel to and in Canada sometime this winter is possible, and therefore still absolutely worth working towards.

We are planning to open this December.

With continued consultation of our Provincial Health Standards, and continued planning and execution, we are moving forward in hiring, training and putting the necessary new protocols in place to open this December.

If Canadians are the only guests able to join us on opening day, we welcome them with open arms and a unique opportunity to spend time with us. If the borders open at some point this season, we’ll welcome the opportunity for a joyful reunion with our international guests.

Regardless, we feel that by moving forward with opening, we keep the most options available for both our appreciated guests and our invaluable employees. We will do so with everyone’s health and safety in mind, and according to B.C.’s Provincial Health Minister Dr. Bonnie Henry’s advice—including keeping groups “small and consistent”. It’s actually advice that fits well already with our boutique small-group model, and we’re confident we can provide our guests this winter with unparalleled Best Days Evers, even in these unprecedented times.

Unlimited Private Packages

In addition to diligently preparing, we have created additional options this winter for our guests to have even more control over their travel with the launch of our Unlimited Vertical Private Packages. Like our Classic package, our new private packages include small groups and no extra vertical or flight charges. We are offering three options of increasing control over privacy and flexibility for you, your friends and family with our Private Group, Private Helicopter and Private Lodge packages. See offers here.

We are all starving for opportunities to share experiences together.  Our private heli-skiing packages are about comfortably reuniting you with those you care most about. Celebrating life is the most dreamed-about luxury of this moment; we want to make that dream a reality. Our small groups, direct-drive access and private packages give our guests control to feed their souls with adventure and personal connectivity. We want to have the opportunity to make 2020 great again for our guests.

Up to 50% off Private Heli-Skiing Packages to Launch 2020/2021 Season

For its “First Tracks” trips (dates before January 16, including the holidays and New Years), Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is offering 30% off peak season pricing on our packages: Private Group (designed for parties of four or less to fly and ski exclusively together with your guide), and Private Helicopter (for parties of one to eight, to charter your own helicopter for ultimate freedom with schedule and terrain).

For those looking for even more exclusivity, guests can buy out the entire heli-skiing experience with the Private Lodge package (only your group flying, skiing and staying in our luxe timber-frame lodge), at 50% off peak season pricing. See offer here.

Flexible Deposits

There’s a lot of planning that goes into having everything perfectly aligned for you when you arrive, and, as our heli-skiing operations manager Rob always says, “We are not called Mediocre Canadian Heli-skiing.” We seek greatness. As we make this commitment to our guests, our guests have always made their commitment to us, often a year in advance of their next holiday with us. We have built a strong relationship with many of you, the 65% of you that repeatedly come to share the mountains with us. We consider you our family.

So, with the support of our guides, who schedule their entire season in the fall; and our helicopter supplier, who commits their helicopter teams to us years in advance, we are offering a level of flexibility in deposits to allow you to navigate this winter:

  1. All initial deposits toward your holiday are deferrable and refundable.
  2. Any final deposits due will be discussed 4 weeks in advance of your booked date
  • a) If you are able to join us, we will ask for the remaining balance.
  • b) If you are unable to join us,
  • i)We will ask you to consider leaving your deposit on account, either for later this season or the following season.
  • ii)If you are financially unable to leave your deposit on account, we will refund your deposit and hope you will be able to join us in the future. We ask for your support on both of these fronts.

We Need Your Help

Moving forward towards opening this winter has created much-needed focus for our family of 60 employees at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and Heather Mountains Lodge. We do so with the knowledge that whatever changes come down the line, we are able to adapt to their short-term impacts and create long-term opportunities from them. If you plan a trip and end up unable to join this winter, we ask that you help us by offering your continued support and consider leaving your deposits on account for a future heli-ski holiday with us. If you are to join us this winter, we ask that you bring your family and friends, book your own Private Group, helicopter, or even the whole lodge.

We need your help to move forward, and to continue our mission to celebrate your Best Days Evers with you.


Greg and Maaike Porter

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