The health &  safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. As a shared responsibility, we ask everyone (guests and staff) to be diligent in following our guidelines.

At present we are following all guidance for commercial operations in British Columbia provided by Dr. Bonnie Henry, the BC Health Officer, the BC Centre of Disease Control and Transport Canada. We are confident that we will meet and in many cases, exceed these regulatory standards.

Our leadership team along with our medical director have developed government approved procedures and protocols for all aspects of our business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are pleased to report that our Covid-19 Safety Plan was reviewed and approved by GO2HR, a government appointed third party reviewer in collaboration with WorkSafeBC on February 17, 2021.

What to Expect

Checking In With You
  • When you arrive at Heather Mountain Lodge and Great Canadian Heliskiing, we ask that you only enter the lodge if you are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to the virus.
  • Anytime you enter the main lodge, you will be greeted by one of our staff at the front desk who will take care of your needs, everything from checking in, to escorting you to your seat in the dining room, lounge or patio.
  • Entrance to the main lodge will be restricted to the main front doors only.
  • Anyone that is visibly unwell at any point, will not be permitted to enter the lodge or join activities until cleared to do so.
  • COVID-19 protocol signage will be posted in various locations around the premises. We ask that you observe these protocols.
What if I feel unwell?
  • Any person who presents with COVID-19 symptoms will be required to follow BC Health guidelines and get tested. There is a COVID-19 testing facility at our local Golden Hospital and we will be happy to help you arrange testing. A negative test result will allow you to return to Heather Mountain Lodge and Great Canadian Heliskiing and continue your vacation.
Sharing Best Day Evers, from 2m apart

We follow the BC Covid-19 regulations for physical distancing and wearing masks when distancing is not possible, at all times, including;

  • Transport Canada mandates that masks are to be worn on all flights.
  • With this in mind, all guests and staff will be required to wear a mask when travelling in helicopters.
  • Out in the field, once the helicopter departs, it’s business as usual. You can ski with a mask if you want, for example, to keep all that powder snow off your face as it’s going over your head, or go mask free.
  • Once back inside the lodge, all guests and staff will be required to wear a mask unless seated at their assigned seating in the dining room and lounge.
  • Masks are not required to be worn at your dining table, however we request you wear your mask when leaving your table to visit the washroom or move around the room.
  • The dining room will be set up with tables configured appropriately to suit room capacity.
  • In order to facilitate our COVID-19 protocols, our traditional breakfast service will be plated and served to you by our kitchen staff.
  • Lunch will normally be out in the field in your heli bubble, served by your guide. In the event that lunch is in the lodge, your lunch will be served to you by your guide at your assigned table in the dining room.
  • Heli snacks and heli beverages will be separated into heli bubbles. Each group’s guide will organize break times during the day’s runs in order to refuel the body.
  • Après-ski will be served in the dining room and guests will be seated at their assigned tables.
  • Dinner will be plated service.
  • Any liquor service restrictions mandated by the Province of BC will be followed.
Getting Ready in the Morning for Shredding in the Field
  • GCH is excited to now provide you your own personalized, assigned seating in the boot room.
  • Each assigned bench seat provides you a location to store your field equipment during your stay. It also serves to stow away your street shoes and anything else you desire, while out in the field.
  • When you arrive, your assigned numbered backpack will be waiting for you at your assigned seat.
  • Each morning your sanitized, numbered radio and transceiver will be delivered to your personalized seating area.
  • People that are receiving their “first day briefing” will be guided to either the upstairs lounge, or outside, to provide some separation from those getting ready to leave on the first helicopter.
  • All cleaning standards set by the BC Health Officer will be met.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, a detailed set of daily cleaning and sterilization protocols for:
    • High touch surfaces
    • Helicopters
    • Public washrooms
    • Staff quarters
  • All rooms will be sanitized before each new arrival.
  • Common areas will be sanitized on a set daily schedule and as needed.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all common areas.
Massage, Hot Tub and Sauna
  • Massage will be by appointment only and the schedule will allow for time in between appointments for room sanitizing.
  • No more than 4 people will be allowed in the hot tub or sauna at one time and will be scheduled, based on your heli/guest bubble.
Final Deposits
  • When requiring the Final Deposit, we advise our guests to check for the latest COVID-19 policy updates on our website.
  • Our COVID-19 operational policies are non-negotiable requirements for participation.
  • Please see our revised 2021/2022 Booking and Cancellation Policy
  • Our COVID-19 plan is being updated regularly. Please check our website for the latest updates within one week of your arrival.
A Final Word

Our company’s goal is to provide a healthy environment for both holidaying (guests) and working (employees). In many cases, we see this as an opportunity to increase our services rather than services being taken away. Our company has invested significant resources and will continue to do so, to ensure we continue to provide COVID-19 conscious services based on the latest science and resources whilst maintaining a welcoming and fun holiday.

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