Revised 2021/2022 Booking Policy

  1. All deposits toward your holiday are deferrable or refundable until 2 weeks before your arrival date.
  2. An initial deposit (2-4 Day Packages = $1,500. 5+ Day Packages = $2,500. Private Helicopter and Lodge Packages = 20%).
  3. Final deposits (your remaining balance) will be due 4 weeks in advance of your booked arrival date.
  4. Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to arrival date will be non-refundable.
    1. If a COVID 19 related travel restriction is applied by the government that prevents a guest from arriving to participate in their holiday, we will provide the option to transfer the deposit to a future date.
    2. As always, if a guest or a member of their party is ill, injured, restricted to travel, and cannot arrive to participate in their holiday, a guest can either find a replacement or make a claim on the insurance that they have purchased.
    3. If the company cancels a guest’s booking, the guest will receive a full refund on the holiday that they purchased from the company. The company will not be responsible for any additional guest expenses that they purchased from other parties.
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