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Before You Heli Ski, Here’s How To Ski Powder

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If you are new to Heli Skiing and only just beginning to think of moving away from the groomers and into some seriously deep powder, you need to make sure that you are ready for this thrilling sport.  That means mastering the art of skiing in deep powder, because we are located on the Powder Highway and it’s going to be more snow than you’ve ever seen before!

To make the most of your time in the powder and to ensure you get as much out of your trip as possible, we’ve asked Guy Hetherington to break it down for us.  As the Director of ALLTRACKS Academy, CSIA level 4 examiner, self confessed powder junkie, and Head Coach for their ski instructor courses and off piste camps, he knows his stuff.  Here’s his breakdown of how to master thigh high powder.


“Many skiers on our ski instructor courses and off-piste ski camps are very competent on the groomers, but when they ski in deep powder they lose all control and technique. It is not that skiing powder is a different sport, so why does this seem to happen to so many people? When you ski deep powder on the Heli Skiing trip, you are not riding on the snow,
you are riding in it!

As the video demonstrates, the number-one technique you need to learn to overcome this is “Cresting”. Cresting is the ability to bring your skis up above the surface of the snow, in
order to turn them more easily. Mastering Cresting means you will able to ride deep powder snow on the Heli Skiing trip, just as well as a groomer. Follow my simple seven-step Cresting guide before your Heli Skiing trip to ensure you get the most out of those powder days:

  1. Find a relatively gentle slope with deep snow.
  2. Ski in a straight line.
  3. Once you have gathered some momentum, start bouncing – pushing your skis into the
    snow. Once they get to a certain depth, the snow will push the skis back towards the
  4. When you feel the “push back”, give into it, pulling your knees up towards your chest.
  5. Repeat this action to establish a rhythmical flow. This is the most important lesson for all
    powder skiers.
  6. The last technique is to simply add direction change. The timing of the direction change is critical. It needs to happen when the skis are at their highest point.
  7. Add in a pole plant and you will find that turning left and right happens seamlessly.

My guide will ensure you get the most out of your Heli Skiing experience. Enjoy every moment!”


When to Book a Heli-ski Holiday

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When it comes to planning a heli-ski holiday, the question to ask is rarely “Why?”, it’s “When?”

One of the most common concerns that our guests have is when the BEST time is to book.  Along with some great answers on our FAQ page regarding this, we tend to answer that question with another one:

“What type of skiing do you like?”

What kind of heli-skier are you?

Telling us as much information as possible about your preferences, abilities and expectations allows us to not only get to know you better, we are able to truly advise you the best possible dates for what you’ve described and what we have available.  Being a boutique operator along with 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and attention to detail that simply can’t be matched by larger operators.  We quickly get to know you on a first name basis, and can spend the time to take care of you!

So, when you tell us you want to ski as much Unlimited Vertical as possible, we’ll suggest March with longer days and lengthier runs.  If you have a love for steep trees and pillow fields, earlier in the season, like December or January would be ideal.  Looking for the best of both?  Well, mid season is the time for you, however we’d recommend a longer trip of 3+ days to give you the best chance to see multiple weather systems.  Are you a fair weather skier and prefer warmer days than frigid ones? Mid to late season will keep your toes warm, but snow cold.  If you are a first timer and need a more gentle introduction to heli-skiing? March will be ideal for glacier skiing where you have plenty of visibility and time to master the powder technique.

In the end, we choose our season based on the best possible dates for epic powder December through to April.  The more we know about when you’re looking at dates, the better your holiday!

Speaking of which….

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A Heli Guides Summer – Nigel Fisher Tree Faller

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NigelYou might think that heli-ski guides take the summers to relax.  Maybe catch up on their reading list, sip lemonade in the sun and dream about the powder days of winter.

Tell that to guide Nigel Fisher and he’d likely laugh, with a plume of dust and soot falling off his shoulders.


Nigel has been working hard long days in Clearwater, BC (430 km from Golden) as a danger tree faller, helping in the effort to fight back the forest fires that have been raging in British Columbia.  He’s traded in the red guiding Gore-Tex for safety-orange fire gear, and we managed to catch up with him and find out how his summer is going.

“Great Canadian Heli Skiing is hella-fun, fire is more of a hellish fun, both require helicopters.  Summer is hot and dry, be glad winter is not. Still looking for the spaces in between the trees no matter the season. ”

GCH Guide Nigel Fisher tree falling in Clearwater BC

We hope you stay safe out there Nigel and can’t wait to have you back to find those spaces in the trees!

IMG_4870 Tools of the Trade.



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