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You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


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We are family!

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ISSUE NO. 52 Winter 2019

A fresh start to the year

Yet another amazing January in the books and February flowing into full swing. Get caught up with the best snaps from the team and guests on Instagram. And check out the conditions now! It’s puking again.

Evil Twin by Alison Cardinal

Jessica Taylor on Instagram: “I’ve had some pretty fantastic clients this week…

We are family! Get up ev’rybody and sing

Pickering, Holton, Scroggs

Did you know that our operation is family run and has about a dozen couples working in the team? Why are we attracting this lifestyle? For us it’s important to have a loving team of professionals who care deeply about each other’s challenges. But it also means to have utmost respect and responsibility for each other.

LurvinksThe Lurvinks

Family is a really important word for us! That is what makes our experience stand out from the rest and attract beautiful families as guests… like the Lurvinks!

An extensive amount of research shows that experiences bring people more happiness than material goods. That is the bond that connects our family and this can be explained by a number of reasons:

The happiness spike for material items is short-lived, whereas experiences produce joy during the anticipation of the experience, the actual experience itself, and then from the memories afterwards.

  • Experiences tend to bring us together with other people, and social connection is a major key to happiness.
  • Experiences often lead to better stories and conversations, helping us to relive the experience and bond with others (even if they weren’t there for the actual experience).
  • Experiences are more likely to be defining moments in our life, and associated with how we see ourselves or who we want to be.
  • Experiences are often more unique and distinctive when compared to material items.

So instead of buying a new car for your family consider heliskiing with all of them this holiday season. We have activities for every member of your family and can be flexible with some heliskiing a few runs or not. How about snowshoe, spa, sledding or ski touring!

If you want your family to truly live well, the smart money is on buying experiences and time, not things.

Imagine a family gathering, like no other time in your lives.

You pick the 2019/2020 dates and duration within either range December 20-24, or December 27- January 10.

Book these dates prior to deadline of February 28, 2019 and receive 2019 rates. Group discounts apply: 4% for groups of 4-7, 6% for groups 8-11, 10% for groups 12 or more. Call or email our office for a quote.

Deane’s Note

We are 5 weeks in and only 9 to go. The 2019 winter season is flying by!!

If you have not booked a trip yet, or if you have come and gone but may be up for a return, we have a few seats left the end of March and until close April 7. Call me and I will make you an offer you cannot refuse. Your heliski family is waiting, come feel the love, and maybe even experience that #BestDayEver that we are all talking about.

Call me!

PH: 1-250-344-2326
EMAIL: deane@canadianheli-skiing.com

Book A Group – Heliski For Free!

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ISSUE NO. 51 Winter 2019

Book A Group – Heliski For Free!
& Eat Like Kings & Queens

Do you want to heliski with a chosen few and experience the #BestDayEver?

Why not this season?!

Grab 11 of your friends, coworkers, partners or use the power of social media and form a dozen, and heliski for free! (or share the love for 10% off the entire group).

DO IT. Call us right now and we can line up a few ideas and make a promo package to get your group motivated.


Terrain testing

We got nailed with early season snow and we are ready for your group in January. Here is one of our lead guides Alison testing out the terrain this past week!

Neil O'Brien

But what else do we do besides heliski?

Read more in this interview with THE CHEF! Neil O’Brien

On his… culinary style
Always searching for new flavors and techniques with our team in the quest to learn as much as humanly possible. Non pretentious, real food, always trying to be regional, creating flavors that are comforting and memorable.

On healthy trends in food…
Media is always telling us what’s good and bad. We believe the best new/old trend making a strong comeback is, good food that takes time. We are supposed to be eating naturally fermented foods. The convenience on instant packaged products have made human stomachs and immune systems weak!

On maximizing nutrition for heliskiers
Using only quality, wholesome ingredients rich with nutritional value, hearty filling meals high in protein and carbohydrates to ensure everyone has the energy needed to have the #bestdayever

On cooking at home
Cooking at home relaxes us. On days with my family, I’ll often make all 3 meals. My eldest son, Honu, enjoys helping and eating. Italian, Asian,Indian, BBQ the list goes on, always trying something new and rarely the same dish twice. My wife and two boys are the luckiest guinea pigs around!

On the… excitement for new season
Being my first winter with Heather Mountain Lodge there is much excitement as everything is new, I have a young beautiful family, I work were people vacation and I get to help create #BestDayEver for all who get to experience our love of good food!

Deane’s Note

Winter is here!!! Check out the webcam at the lodge for the current view from the heli-pads!

All departments are super busy preparing for what is going to be our #BestSeasonEver

We have select dates remaining for the 2018/19 season and if you are not booked, definitely give me a call. Or if you have a trip booked but can consider a second trip, twist my arm for a special price.

  • Here are the options:
  • December 30-January 7, you pick the duration and dates in this range. 8 spaces available.
  • February 2/3, 2 Day trip for up to 3 people
  • March 5-11, choose your 4, 5, 6 or 7 Day trip. One space only.
  • March 17-19, 3 Day trip for up to 4 people.
  • March 17-20, 4 Day trip for 2 people.
  • March 22/23, 2 Day trip for up to 4 people.
  • March 26-April 3, you pick the duration and dates in this range. 4-12 spaces available.

You are going to be here… Aren’t you?? If not, Call me :)))

PH: 1-250-344-2326
EMAIL: deane@canadianheli-skiing.com

Winter’s coming

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ISSUE NO. 50 Fall 2018

WINTER’S COMING… actually it’s here.

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight… Oct 1st we went from fall to winter! 50+ cm with more on the way. We’ve got space in Deep December, Jammin January or Astounding April. Book Now.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Guides with Team Best Day Ever

Last week the guides met for first time to kickstart year #31! Guide Manager Sue Gould says; “We spent time identifying why we love guiding and why we specifically love guiding at Great Canadian Heli-skiing”. Without a doubt the main message was being able to work with a great team and engaging with global mountain lovers. Trusted collaboration is paramount, where we know we have each others backs and can stand on each others shoulders to go the extra mile, or kilometre, for our guests. We are excited about our skilled team at Heather Mountain Lodge and new guide/pilot accommodation being built as we speak! We also have new radios, one for each guest, and new communications systems to make sure the program is tight, and the experience, just like the powder, is #BestDayEver

Choose Life… Choose a Private Heli

For the most discerning enthusiast, who values their time, and operates without compromise. Just yourself, and three friends in your own helicopter, you choose the number of days skiing on your program, Private Limousine transfer from Calgary International Airport, and each in a Single room. Live More… Dream Less…


Your Lodge Your Way

Our final wedding was held at Heather Mountain Lodge. A plated dinner for over 50 people. We are setup for your unique corporate events. The team is stoked to feed us all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ feasts again this winter. Aiming for superiority in healthy food, wine and beer selections, to reach new culinary heights, aligning with our heli-skiing.

Have you shared our company and your experience with your friends? Good Karma! Please do

Deane’s Note

Everyone is talking about the blankets of early snow covering mountains out here and while I am thrilled about that too, the big excitement in the office is for our upcoming online store “The Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Boutique”! Yup, soon you will have access to some retail therapy with unique products and your favorite brand. Take home more than memories from your #BestDayEver and you don’t even have to pack it! We will send your treasures to the destination of your choice. It is going to be awesome. Stay tuned for more details.

In other exciting news, it is my pleasure to introduce my new partner in crime Jean-Marc La Flamme! Jean-Marc comes from our sister city, over the pass in Revelstoke. He brings decades of exercising Technology & Marketing. Give him a warm welcome when you are here this season.

You are going to be here… Aren’t you?? If not, Call me :)))


PH: 1-250-344-2326

EMAIL: deane@canadianheli-skiing.com

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