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Why you should bring a camera heli skiing

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It has been said by many that “a great picture says a thousand words.”

It can evoke feelings that provoke the senses.  Photos can capture the feelings associated with a stitch of time that cannot be recreated.  So why is this important when it comes to heli skiing?

We urge you to bring along your DSLR cameras, video equipment, Go Pro helmet and pole mounted cameras and your hopefully waterproof and cold resistant point and shoot cameras when coming on an adventure with us.  You may just capture some of the most mesmerizing photos and videos that you will ever take.

At Great Canadian Heli Skiing we help our clients live out their dreams and we are in the business of helping our clients create some of their most exciting memories that they will have in their lifetimes.

It is great to talk about these memories over a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night a few years later, but with so much digital photography equipment at your disposal, it would be even nicer to pull out some shots that will shock and amaze your friends for years to come.

Recently, local photographer Bruno Long that is from Revelstoke shared with us that he ended up with his photo on the cover of Backcountry Magazine.  It is an amazing silhouetted uphill shot of Jake Teuton in some deep powder as he descends some of the steeps that our guides took them to when they visited us. It truly captures the tranquility that experienced from a remote mountain location and the exhilaration of first tracks that heli skiing can provide.

Bruno Long photo featuring Great Canadian Heli Skiing terrain

Bruno Long photo featuring Great Canadian Heli Skiing terrain


So if you are a budding shutterbug or a seasoned photographer that cleans your lenses every night in hopes that you will take amazing pics the next day, we may have just what you are looking for.

You can capture sensational photos that will cause your friends jaws to drop when they see them.

If you are really lucky and you are dedicated to becoming a published photographer for skiing and snowboarding, we urge you to practice your craft with us this season.

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