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Why skiing here may be better then skiing in Alaska

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better then alaskan skiing


A guest explains why he prefers skiing with us instead of skiing in Alaska


It is all about convenience he explained to me as we chatted over apres ski drinks.  He relayed the story as such “I flew all the way to Alaska to experience great skiing, but what I mostly experienced was waiting.  It started when we landed at the airport and we had to get our rental vehicle to drive to where we would be staying.  The drive was fairly long along the highway, but we also had to drive up a long narrow driveway until we reached where we would be staying.  In the morning we drove even further from the lodge they had until we reached a snowcat that would drive us to our helicopter that was situated away from the trees because it was a larger model that could not land near where we stayed.  We stayed in a smaller building near the helicopter dressed in full gear waiting for good weather for takeoff.  Sadly, we spent 5 days out of 7 waiting for decent flying conditions that would allow for us to go skiing.  This means that we only spent 2 days skiing after all of that effort.  To make matters worse, when the helicopter did take us out, 16 people scrambled out of it to take a similar route down the mountains.  It was as if we didn’t really get fresh tracks at all.”


He told me that he had given up on the entire experience until he  spoke to Deane in the booking department at Great Canadian Heli Skiing.  She told me “that there is usually about 2 down days a season,” which absolutely floored me he said.

He arrived in Calgary and drove along the highway fairly quickly until he reached our Lodge near Rogers Pass.  He was surprised to “just drive in and be greeted by the lodge with its warmth and pleasant staff.”  He had a large dinner and stayed up and spoke to other guests that evening.  The next day, after a heli briefing and transceiver training, he was up in the helicopter.  It was a completely different experience then he had prepared himself for.  There was very little waiting, his feet stayed warm and  he enjoyed non stop skiing for 7 days. The level of excitement that he had always expected from helicopter skiing was maintained throughout.  The rest was history.

He has returned ever since…




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