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Vous aller AIMER skier en petits groupes! La nouvelle vague héli-ski est de skier en hélicos rapides, et agiles en petits groupes plus intimes. Essayer petit, c'est l'adopter!


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What Makes A Best Day Ever ?

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Our style of heli skiing is famous for petits groupes et vertical illimité. Those two factors have put us on the map for offering one of the best heli-skiing experiences in the world, but besides skiing astronomical amounts of vertical, and keeping pace within your small group… what else makes us special?

We’ve realized there’s a common occurrence that happens to our guests during their holiday. Just like there are many ways to describe snow, there are many ways that guests describe having their Best Day Ever with us. “That was the best run of my life!”, ou “I’ve NEVER had a day like that!” and the less coherent “Yaaahoooooooooo!!!” going all the way down a run that doesn’t even need to be put into words. It’s a feeling all of us can relate to.

So we’ve compiled a look at what that is for our guests, guides, staff and so many that have joined us over the years. Keep checking in on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for lots of current #gchbestdayever posts and if you are wanting to get in on that yourself, contact us today!

The best day ever in the field:

The best day ever at Apres: Mugshots for all who claim a #gchbestdayever

Best Day Ever - David-1

Best Day Ever on the Heli Pad.

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Best Day Ever of the Pro’s. Christina Lustenberger knows it’s a good day when the parking lot looks like this.


Best Guides Day Ever

10012017 (10 of 74)

Best Staff Day Ever

Testing the goods. Snow so light it floats!

Tester les biens. Neige si légère qu'elle flotte!

Tag us with your best ski day ever with #gchbestdayever. Let’s keep adding to the list!