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Toutes les opérations de ski héliporté garantissent un certain nombre de mètres verticaux. Chez Great Canadian, nous offrons une bonne quantité de vertical (p.ex. 30,500 m/100,000pi pour un séjour d'une semaine).


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We are family

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Harry & Sally have been part of our heli family since 2007.

Harry loved skiing in small groups so much that he even came back 3 times in 2008! He has made many great friends while heli-skiing, not the least of which is Justin, a fellow member of our heli family since 2006. They have not missed a year since.

As one of the few adventurous women in the almost completely dominated sport of heli-skiing, Sally quickly became friends with our talented pilot Cathy. She later confessed to Harry that many women seemed intimated by her and that Sally was one of the first to open up to her.

Sadly, Sally’s health did not allowed her to heli-ski alongside Harry after her first two trips. Since then, Cathy always made sure that Sally’s presence echoed in the lodge when Harry was visiting, from heli-briefing to apres-ski.

Every year, Cathy makes signs and accessories for Harry to get photographed with around the lodge and in the mountains so Sally can be part of his trip through pictures we send her.

Harry’s garage is now full of Cathy’s creations. Hope he’ll have enough room to hang this year’s banner…and that we’ll get to see Sally at the lodge next year!


Harry & the GCH guides sending Sally good vibes!