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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).


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Training to exceed our guests expectations.

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Heli Briefing Photo of Heli Briefing above courtesy of HeliSKI Canada photographer Steven Dutcheshen



Have you ever wondered what it takes to prepare our staff so we are ready for another great season?

Well here it is… This is what our staff has been doing to get ready for our guests!


Guide Training:  Our guides are some of the best in the industry, but they train as if each season may potentially bring different conditions then the last.  They practice snow rescues, skiing down many different pistes, reading the weather and reporting back the conditions each day and they are actively involved pursuing more knowledge about avalanches from many special speakers.

Front Desk Training:  Our front desk staff act the same way a concierge would at a luxury hotel.  They are there to help our guests settle in and let their regular life anxieties fall away as they enter the lodge.  They are trained to work hand in hand with other departments in order to make sure that the unique needs of each of our guests are addressed and accommodated.

Housekeeping Training: Our Lodge rooms with a mountain view don’t just clean themselves!  Our staff trains for a week to maintain our high level of standards for cleanliness all throughout the winter season.  It is important to train for the schedule where guests return from a day of skiing in the afternoon to a clean room that will provide a great rest for the next day.

Kitchen Training:  Our menu is extensive and it is no small task to prepare mouth watering dinners every night as well as breakfasts and lunches that are meant to fill but leave our guests  feeling light enough to make some fast “S” turns through the glades in the day.  Our Chef takes his staff under his wing for a week and trains them how to prepare some of our harder dishes that are made out of local ingredients.  The result is food that tastes simply amazing and guests that can’t wait to get back to the lodge when the helicopter lands after the last runs of the day.

Outdoor Gear Training: Our guests go up against the elements every day and we pride ourselves on having the knowledgeable staff and the durable clothing needed to keep them dry and warm while out on the slopes.  Our staff goes through extensive training to understand the importance of layering clothing. From fabrics that are hollowfill that allow moisture to pass through to wicking fabrics that bring moisture to the outer shell, and then finally the semi permeable shells that are breathable; we understand what our guests need to be comfortable.

Serving Training: Our servers take pride in working together to provide a great experience for our guests.  Our guests are meant to feel as if they don’t have to ask for what they may want to have next in front of them.  This means that water is poured and wine is brought to the table in anticipation to a guest requesting it.  Plates and bowls are removed between courses flawlessly without an interruption to the discussion that our guests may be having with each other.

Finally,  our staff does all of this so that we can provide our guests with the “boutique,” experience that we have become so famous for providing.  We have a high level of excellence that we continue to build upon season after season.

Chef Dan getting food ready

Photo of Chef Dan training his great kitchen staff.


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