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The Evidence of an Epic Winter

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This time of year it seems like every ski industry publication and operation is saying that winter will be amazing. This isn’t an article about the various forecasts and farmers almanacs predictions, this is rock solid evidence of a winter that has already began in a BIG way. So take a look at the signs and please draw your own conclusions… we’ll be waiting here for you when you’ve seen it for yourself.


1. Glading in the Flurries

Even though we started earlier than usual, our glading team bookended their week in the bush with a snow storm. Rob, Ox, Chucky Stan and Jessica headed home knowing that our terrain was in good hands with mother nature.

Winter Glades IMG_0453

2. Backcountry Updates

Our friends at Golden Alpine Holidays have been painting the picture of how the snow is piling up in the alpine. With their lodge bordering the Esplanade Range of our area, we’ve loved seeing their Facebook posts tell us the snowpack has climbed up to 123 cm! Click here for their webcam to see the snow grow!


3.Local Intel

We had to give our heads a shake this week when we watched this video posted by la station de ski Kicking Horse. What looked like a mid season edit was in fact a “current conditions” update that it’s already ski-able powder heaven up there! Here’s a taste of what that looked like:


So there you have it. No nonsense facts of why this winter is looking amazing so far. We happen to have seats available to be the first to track this amazing start to the season! Contact us today to hear more about our dates and what’s included.


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