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The #BestJobEver

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If you’re wondering what the best job at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is, look no further than your social media hosts. Elora Braden and the infamous Muzza share the position for the winter months and their smiles, laughs and stories show their enthusiasm.

Elora doing what she does for work.

Elora doing what she does for work.

According to Elora, there are three reasons why being a social media host is better than every other job at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, including the job of being a ski guide.

#1 – You don’t HAVE to ski all day. “Our ski guides are machines and we’re normal human beings,” says Elora. “While I’d love to think that I could be out there skiing all day, every day, I’m just not fit enough. Being the social media host, we get our fair share of heli-time to capture images and stories, but we don’t have to go out on the days that our legs say no.”

#2 – You get to enjoy all the fantastic meals prepared by Heather Mountain Lodge chefs. “I’ve recently discovered the glory of the breakfast sandwich. Before that it was this unreal lavender dessert. Our kitchen is constantly creating delicious meals for everyone. If I was faced with a never-ending heli-skiiing mission, I’d want our chefs to be with me.”

#3 – You get to (have to) hear all the guest stories. “Hands down the best thing about working at GCH this winter has been hearing all the stories from our guests. Not only do I run around (ski around) helicopters with a giant camera getting snaps of smiling guests having the time of their life, I also get to interview them. The stories are so inspiring and the people so amazing,” shares Elora. “I spoke with one guest who commented about the way skiing translates into everyday life. He explained now he as overcome obstacles by recalling his successes and defeats on his skis. The act of falling and getting back up again, no matter what, really resonated with him.”

Another hard day at work.

Another hard day at work.

Elora also gives special mention to “our staff, which is one heck of a team. My job would not be nearly so fun if I didn’t have this gang to share some laughs with.”

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is a boutique Heli-Skiing operation located next to Rogers Pass, Revelstoke and Golden, in British Columbia, Canada. Offering flexible packages, unlimited vertical and small groups of 4, Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is an ideal winter vacation destination for visitors looking for an epic powder experience.

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