Why choose
small group

You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


Lodge Staff

Class of 2018

Our amazing staff at Heather Mountain Lodge are experts at delivering #bestdaysever to our guests while living the dream in the mountains.

Alexis Ampudia - Lodge Manager
Alexis Ampudia
Operations Manager

John Holton - Business Manager
John Holton
General Manager

Hubert Poirier - Executive Chef
Hubert Poirier
Executive Chef

Nicole Altkyla - Dining Supervisor
Nicole Altkyla
Dining Supervisor

Ali Starchuk - Front Desk Manager
Ali Starchuk
Front Desk Manager

Romaric Fry - Bar Supervisor
Romaric Fry
Bar Supervisor

Jessie Boyd (and Zima) - Front Desk
Jessie Boyd (and Zima)
Front Desk

Brooke Takimoana - Front Desk
Brooke Takimoana
Front Desk

Alexandre Clermont - Server
Alexandre Clermont

Christina Riccardi - Server
Christina Riccardi

Shelby Schroeter - Server
Shelby Schroeter

Patrick Meloche - Bartender
Patrick Meloche

Kyle McCorkindale - Bartender
Kyle McCorkindale

Fabien Legeard - Massage
Fabien Legeard

Alisoun Payne - Massage
Alisoun Payne

Laura Sommer - Housekeeping Supervisor
Laura Sommer
Housekeeping Supervisor

Amie Matthews - House Keeping
Amie Matthews
House Keeping

Alex Crawford - Sous Chef
Alex Crawford
Sous Chef

Taylor Lowe - Sandwich Artist
Taylor Lowe
Sandwich Artist

Ron Potter - Breakfast Cook
Ron Potter
Breakfast Cook