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As the original “boutique heli-skiing” operation, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized experience from the moment you contact us.


Lodge Staff

Class of 2018

Our amazing staff at Heather Mountain Lodge are experts at delivering #bestdaysever to our guests while living the dream in the mountains.

Alexis Ampudia - Lodge Manager
Alexis Ampudia
Operations Manager

John Holton - Business Manager
John Holton
General Manager

Hubert Poirier - Executive Chef
Hubert Poirier
Executive Chef

Nicole Altkyla - Dining Supervisor
Nicole Altkyla
Dining Supervisor

Ali Starchuk - Front Desk Manager
Ali Starchuk
Front Desk Manager

Romaric Fry - Bar Supervisor
Romaric Fry
Bar Supervisor

Jessie Boyd (and Zima) - Front Desk
Jessie Boyd (and Zima)
Front Desk

Brooke Takimoana - Front Desk
Brooke Takimoana
Front Desk

Alexandre Clermont - Server
Alexandre Clermont

Christina Riccardi - Server
Christina Riccardi

Shelby Schroeter - Server
Shelby Schroeter

Patrick Meloche - Bartender
Patrick Meloche

Kyle McCorkindale - Bartender
Kyle McCorkindale

Fabien Legeard - Massage
Fabien Legeard

Alisoun Payne - Massage
Alisoun Payne

Laura Sommer - Housekeeping Supervisor
Laura Sommer
Housekeeping Supervisor

Amie Matthews - House Keeping
Amie Matthews
House Keeping

Alex Crawford - Sous Chef
Alex Crawford
Sous Chef

Taylor Lowe - Sandwich Artist
Taylor Lowe
Sandwich Artist

Ron Potter - Breakfast Cook
Ron Potter
Breakfast Cook