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All heli-skiing operations will guarantee a certain amount of vertical feet/metres. At Great Canadian, we offer a generous amount of vertical (e.g. 30,500m/100,000ft for a week long trip).


Guides & Pilots

Our Guides

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing holds your safety as our #1 priority. Our guides are experienced and certified professionals (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Canadian Ski Guide Association and International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations). They are all trained in snow safety, weather analysis, and emergency medical techniques and mechanized ski guiding. You know you are in safe hands since all of our guides have, at the very least, +10 years of experience out in the field. Day by day they will find the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

  • Name: Rob Dalinghaus
  • Position: Guiding Manager/Lead Guide
  • Guiding Since: 1991
  • Guiding with GCH since: 1992
  • Qualifications: A.C.M.G, Ski Guide
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Resort: Great Canadian Heli-skiing
  • Languages Spoken: English and basic German
Rob Dalinghaus

Inspired by friends in Grindelwald, Switzerland where he worked as a ski tech, Rob has guided since 1991 and at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing since 1992.

After putting his Aircraft Maintenance career on the back burner in 2002, Rob has worked year-round for Great Canadian as Operations Manager. In general, Rob takes care of all the various things that need taking care of. He admits that although there were aspects of his former full-time career he really liked, he feels that “the current arrangement keeps me around the people and the sport I love”.
Happily married to another GCH Ski Guide, Sue Gould, he lists children Keelan and Neva as well as his 1962 Triumph TR3B, as his other projects.

  • Name: J. Alison Dakin
  • Nickname: “Al”
  • Position: Lead Guide
  • Guiding since: 1992
  • Guiding with GCH since: 2007
  • Qualifications: A.C.M.G, Ski Guide
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Languages Spoken: English
Alison Dakin

My early years of guiding were non-mechanized ski touring, mostly lodge based. I sold my ski touring business, and my job in 2006, and thought it was time for a change. I began working part time with Great Canadian Heli-skiing in 2007, which soon morphed into a full winter season. After many winters, guiding at GCH has only become more fun. It is a great team to work with, awesome terrain, and the best ski conditions of anywhere. It doesn’t get any better for an office.

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides – Ski Guide / Hiking Guide
Canadian Avalanche Association – Affiliate Member
Best Ski Days: Having a cohesive fun group that wants to ski and have a great time. Some epic snow is always a bonus.
  • Name: Dave Rutherford
  • Nickname: “D.R.”
  • Position: Lead Guide
  • Guiding since: 2003
  • Guiding at GCH since: 2005
  • Qualifications: A.C.M.G, Ski Guide
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Languages Spoken: English
Dave Rutherford

“I have been guiding in and around Golden many years, most of these with Great Canadian Heli-skiing. Previous to this I ski patrolled and did avalanche forecasting in the Canadian Rockies for 10 years. In the winter when I am not guiding for Great Canadian I guide ski mountaineering and ski touring. Summers are spent surfing as much as possible.

My certification includes ACMG Ski Guide and Professional Membership in the Canadian Avalanche Association. My favorite part of guiding, other than epic deep powder, is sharing guests ‘Best Day Ever’ – on any day!”

Dave holds a B.A. in Geography. His favorite type of day is a snowy day in January at -10 degrees and skiing the steep and deep trees (like Velcro, Big O, etc). First tracks are always a bonus!

  • Name: Sue Gould
  • Position: Guide
  • Guiding since: 1995
  • Guiding with GCH since: 1996
  • Qualifications: A.C.M.G Apprentice Ski Guide
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Languages Spoken: English
Sue Gould

I’ve always had a passion for the mountains even though I grew up playing in piano competitions everywhere. Back in the early 90’s, I put my career in music on hold in order to pursue guiding more seriously. My first job in the industry had me throwing bombs at snow while working for the British Columbia highway avalanche control program. I then spent a bit of time working as a field research technician for Bruce Jamieson – one of Canada’s leading avalanche experts. Once I achieved my guiding certification, I started right away with Great Canadian and never looked back! Right around that time, I met my husband (guide Rob Dalinghaus), married and had 2 kids, Keelan and Neva.
While I’m dedicated to GCH for the bulk of my winter, I also teach avalanche courses for the Canadian Avalanche Association, perform music with several different ensembles both jazz and classical, conduct the Purcell Mountain Orchestra, teach piano, voice and music theory and consult for Kicking Horse Culture. I am also a Rotarian and in charge of Rotary’s local Youth Exchange program. My teenage kids keep me laughing, (or crying depending on the day) and in the off-season, I’m out mountain biking every chance I get. Best day? Face shots on Sly Pig for my 50th birthday!
  • Name: Sylvia Forest
  • Nickname: “Syl”
  • Position: Ski Guide
  • Guiding since: 1995
  • Guiding with GCH since: 1998
  • Qualifications: A.C.M.G, Mountain Guide
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Languages Spoken: English
Sylvia Forest

I started heli ski guiding at Great Canadian in the late 1990’s. From 1990-2013 I was also employed by Parks Canada as a full-time mountain rescue specialist, and from 2005-2013 managed the mountain rescue program in Glacier National Park, which is adjacent to the Great Canadian tenure. Having retired from Parks fall of 2013, I will be at Great Canadian more regularly, and am really looking forward to the coming seasons! As a mountain guide, I also guide during the summer months. I am a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, and often teach avalanche courses for them. Guiding at Great Canadian is fun and rewarding. It is very cool to spend time in the mountains with people who love to be there too. Great skiing is also a bonus! Sylvia holds a B.Sc. in Physical Geography.

  • Name: Stan Metcalfe
  • Nickname: Power Tool
  • Position: Ski Guide
  • Guiding since: 2007
  • Guiding with GCH since: 2012
  • Qualifications: ACMG Ski Guide, CAA professional member.
  • Home Town: Golden, B.C.
  • Home resort: GCH / Rogers Pass / Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Languages Spoken: English, French
Stan Metcalfe

Stan’s love of sliding on snow began with family skiing in the Alberta Rockies. After completing university, he lived and skied around B.C. and the Columbia Mountains and finally settled into Golden, a hub of great skiing. Ski guiding came naturally to Stan as the balance between needing to work and ski all winter. It is the best solution for an incorrigible ski bum. When not skiing, Stan works as a Physiotherapist in Golden. He has a wife and two kids at home and is holding tightly to the title of the third best skier in the household. Favorite Run: 40 Watt on a deep snowy day; Bodacious when the weather clears enough.

  • Name: Charles Gerrard
  • Nickname: Chucky
  • Position: Guide
  • Guiding since: 2014
  • Guiding with GCH since: 2014
  • Position: apprentice guide (snowboard primarily)
  • Qualifications: Apprentice Snowboard Guide, CASI 4
  • Home town: Golden BC
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain
  • Language: English, French
Charles Gerrard

“I have been living and working in Golden for the past 7 years and in Western Canada for the past 19. I am new to the guiding industry but have been immersed in the snow industry for 20 odd years through experiences in Switzerland, France, Andorra, New Zealand and Canada. I have worked as custodian/carpenter to back-country huts, taught snowboarding, competed in snowboarding, coaching clubs across western Canada and New Zealand. I evaluate and train snowboard instructors, and am currently just chasing dreams of great lines far from the general thoroughfares. Summers are a mixed bag of projects that include climbing, biking, mountaineering, carpentry, building splitboards….the list tends to drag on.
My favorite part of guiding is the adventure, and individuality of every trip, every day……not much stays the same out there.”
  • Name: Eric Oxner
  • Nickname: Ox
  • Position: Ski Guide
  • Guiding since: 2013
  • Guided with GCH since: 2013
  • Position: Guide
  • Qualifications: ACMG Full Ski Guide, CAA operations Level II
  • Home town: Golden BC
  • Home Resort: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Language: English
Eric Oxner

“As an avid skier and mountaineer, I have skied in many exotic locals around the world, but what I love the most, is skiing and ski touring with my family, friends and clients in mountains surrounding my home of Golden BC. (arguably one of the world premier ski-­-touring destinations). So, when I had the opportunity to work as a guide in my own backyard at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, it was like a dream come true…” For the 30 odd years previous to Eric Oxner’s profession as a ski guide, he found work as a Professional Ski Patroller, Avalanche Explosives Technician, Trail Guide, Ski Instructor, Ski shop owner, Race Technician, and professional Ski Bum. He currently resides in Golden BC with his “hot skier wife and amazing daughter”. Best days and Favorite runs; “My best days are with a fun and positive group at any skill level. One of my favorite runs include any of the Stoli’s; they have huge vertical, optional drops and sick lines.”

Our Pilots

At Great Canadian Heli-Skiing we use the ultimate heli-skiing machine, the AStar B2. These are powerful, very comfortable helicopters, ideal for mountain flying. In order to fly and maintain these awesome machines, we employ an engineer who lives on-site as well as ‘high-hour’, mountain-trained pilots supplied by Silver King Helicopters. Silver King has a huge amount of experience and expertise in working in the mountains. They have extensive infrastructure to ensure the rigorous maintenance schedule and safety inspections required for helicopters. When out in the field, our team of pilots are in constant contact with each other as well as with our lodge and office. Each helicopter is equipped with First Aid and Trauma kits, AED Defibrillators, GPS, Satellite Tracking System, VHF/UHF Radio as well as Satellite Radio. Your safety is our #1 priority.

  • Name: Ryan Hinds
  • Position: Pilot
  • Flying since: 1996
  • Flying at GCH since: 2001/2002
  • Home Town: Kemano, B.C., Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese


Ryan HindsRyan Hinds

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Ryan has combined his fondness of helicopters with the love of the mountains in his company Silver King Helicopters. Based in Smithers BC, Canada, “We are an experienced group who take pride in what we do, and it shows!”

  • Name: Mike Johnston
  • Nickname: 16 Horses
  • Position: Pilot
  • Flying since: 1999
  • Flying at GCH since: 2005
  • Home Town: Golden, British Columbia, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English
Mike JohnsonMike Johnson


Mike has been working in the Helicopter Industry for 15 years. He has worked a variety of jobs across Canada’s North. Now he calls Golden home with his wife and daughter. Mike is proud of the fact that his two year old daughter has already accumulated more heli-time than some of our guests. Mike is easy going and believes his helmet sticker says it all. “My life is better than your vacation.”

  • Name: Cathy Moore
  • Nickname: C2
  • Position: Pilot
  • Years Flying: 20+
  • Flying at GCH since: 2007
  • Home Town: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English
Cathy Moorepriceless

Cathy Moore has been working in the helicopter industry for over 20 years! She no longer says just how long, as that would indicate just how old she is! Cathy has worked mostly in B.C., Alberta and the Northern Territories with a variety of other jobs that have taken her as far east as Goose Bay. With all that variety of jobs and locations, she is still determined that GCH is “THE” best place to fly with the best guiding and lodge staff available. Cathy has been known to smile (though you have to watch for it) and will not tell us what her latest nickname of C2 (C squared) stands for. Her time is divided by her family in Canmore, Alberta and her time flying with GCH. She is always in motion; ranging from skiing at Lake Louise to helping run the dogs at the family kennels.

  • Name: Darrell Adzich
  • Nickname: The Duke
  • Position: Pilot
  • Years Flying: 25+
  • Flying at GCH since: 2014
  • Home Town: Smithers, B.C., Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English
Darrell AdzichDarrell Adzich

Darrell lives in the Smithers area on their hobby farm and enjoys working with his good friends and colleagues at SilverKing Helicopters. He started flying helicopters in 1987 and has spent most of his career working in remote sites throughout northern British Columbia and the Yukon territory. For the better part of the last decade of winters, he has “snuck out of the bush” and has been enjoying the smiles and thumbs up of mountain guides and guests enjoying their heli-ski experience.
To support Darrell is his best friend and wife, Norma Jean, who keeps very busy running her own business, as well as taking care of the farm and their two daughters Tsatia and Tianna, while Darrell is away.
Darrell stays active farming as well as maintaining and enjoying the miles of private horseback, walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails that he, his wife and their dog use together daily.

  • Name: Jacob Fort
  • Position: Pilot
  • Flying since: 2002
  • Flying at GCH since: 2015
  • Home town: Bella Coola, B.C.
  • Languages spoken: English
Jacob FortJacob Fort

Growing up in Bella Coola, Jacob has always loved being outdoors. His parents worked in a remote fishing camp that was accessed by plane and helicopter which led him to know from an early age he wanted to fly. Now he is doing just that.
For the past 14 years he has been flying all over BC doing many types of helicopter work. He spends his summers in exploration camps flying drills and fighting forest fires. In the winters he enjoys flying heli-skiers to experience some amazing skiing and beautiful scenery. One of his favourite things is witnessing the excitement and smiles on people’s faces after a great day skiing.
When not flying Jacob can be found in Smithers with his wife Carrie and 4 children. Life for him is always busy, but he finds time to enjoy fishing, skiing, camping and mountain biking.