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You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


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“I saw my dad fall and I realized he was human, just like the rest of us.”
“I didn’t fall, I leaned into the turn.”

Peter and Blake are just one father-son combo that have visited Great Canadian Heli-Skiing this winter.  It’s their second heli-ski trip together, but first to Great Canadian, and their enthusiasm was evident… or maybe it was the fatigue… or the 6 days in an extraordinary environment…

Peter and Blake just before slaying some powder!

Peter and Blake just before slaying some powder!

“Heli-skiing is not just the skiing.  It’s not just up and down.  You’re put in an environment where you’re not around technology and you’re not around all these distractions of normal life.  You’re literally sitting here 3000m up on your skis and just talking on the top of a mountain.  You have a lot of cool moments.  It’s a personal and intimate experience,” shared Blake.  “We had this silly banter going for most of the week where we just said the most ridiculous things to each other.  It was hilarious.  One day my dad totally cut ahead of me in line yelling ‘there’s no family or friends on a powder day.’”

From Peter’s perspective, the trip was about connecting with his son: “Nobody else in my family can understand this.  The first time I took Blake heli-skiing he was an intermediate snowboarder with no powder experience. It was not an easy first experience, [but here we are again]. You’re creating memories.  Unbelievable memories.”

Peter is a long-time avid heli-skier and when asked why he’d choose heli-skiing as the best way to connect with his son in the winter months, Peter shared, “I firmly believe that anybody who is a… skier [or snowboarder], if you want a high-end experience with the best possible skiing, you need to get out there and try [heli-skiing].  I have a short list of places I’d recommend and Great Canadian is one of them.  It’s easy to get here, you’re not competing for or paying for extra vertical, and the small groups are great.  Great Canadian has a good guide team – they’re really accommodating and professional; I’ve been other places where the guides make you feel like you should be honoured to ski with them.  The flexibility – where you can start your trip on any day of the week – is very useful.  … and the skiing is great.  Most other places I’ve skied you sit out half of your days because of weather.  Of course, I wanted to share all of these experiences with my son.”

Both Peter and Blake agree that this trip was “all time” and are already considering coming back again this winter.  “Blake is already soft-selling me on another trip.  He was like, ‘maybe I’ll go to Miami with some friends, or, if you’re going to Great Canadian again, I’d consider coming along… [laughing].”

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