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Here’s To 30 Years of #bestdayever Heli-Skiing

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What does it take to run a successful heli-skiing company for 30 years straight?  It’s the people. It’s the place. It’s the spirit of celebration in skiing. And we celebrated just that on April 6, 2018 in Golden, British Columbia.

Golden BC Civic Centre

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing’s 30th Birthday was a night to remember.  Owners Greg & Maaike Porter remembered arriving in Golden in the pouring rain, and within minutes realizing it would be where they would build their dream of operating a heli skiing business. Since acquiring the operation from Wayne Bingham, they’ve continued to prioritize being the leader in small group heli-skiing.

Greg and Maaike Porter

Greg & Maaike Porter looking back at 18 years of Great Canadian.

And they aren’t the only ones who have been around the block for a while! One of the highlights of the evening was recognizing long time team members with their own Powder Privileges for their years with the company.

From left, Mike Johnson, Stan Metcalfe, Alison Dakin, Deane Pickering, Sylvia Forest, Rob & Sue Dalinghaus

Great Canadian Heli Skiing Veterans: From left, Mike Johnson (10+ years), Stan Metcalfe (5+ years), Alison Dakin (10+ years), Deane Pickering (20+ years), Sylvia Forest (20+ years), Sue Dalinghaus (20+ years) Rob Dalinghaus (25+ years).

What do all those years add up to in terms of heli skiing? Well for a guide, Rob Dalinghaus has accumulated 1,500+ Skier Days, thats over 20,000+ heli ski runs skied!

For Pilot Mike Johnson, who maneuvers up to 100 landings/takeoffs per day, he has completed 30,000+ for just GCH in his last 10 years! Lastly,

Deane Pickering is a trip booking power house who has booked over 35,000 skier days in her 22 years with the company!

This group was awarded with some custom embroidered Arcteryx  swag and of course, the coveted Best Day Ever Mugs!


From there, the crowd was treated to some amazing musical talent.  The lineup included Wil, Bend Sinister and DJ Mihajic Touch who made sure feet were stompin well into the night.

Here’s to 30 Years and to another 30 more!

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