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Heli-Skiing: A Waste of Time?

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Your life makes sense. You wake up, have breakfast, go to work, converse with colleagues, and then come home to unwind. Everything has its place, behind every action is a well-thought out reason “why.” But things weren’t always that way. There was a point growing up where we moved from childish joyful existence – doing things “just ’cause” – to a reasoned, rational life of rules.

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But what happens when we take a leap?

We disrupt the predictability, and remind ourselves of the basic, elemental joy of living. In our organized, rational world, there is a freedom to be reclaimed – maybe a childlike wonder, maybe just pure fun. George Mallory, the Everest pioneer, said that he climbed the mountain “Because it’s there.” So in our relatively calm lives of reasonable choices, why do we go heli-skiing?

J.P Auclair says in his Outside Magazine interview this year, “Freedom has been the baseline of my whole pursuit with skiing and my life.” Finding a path through life necessarily involves adventure, and what better way to clear the mind and re-focus on life’s priorities than to strap on a pair of skis and head out to the big mountains?


For each of us there is a natural progression – a curiosity – about what lies “out there.” Beyond the next horizon, or even beyond the next project we tackle at work. Life and skiing can’t be separated. Auclair again – “Every time I would peek around the corner of what else there was to learn about the mountains, something else would open up that would be massive. You see how much there is to discover. It’s a world full of possibilities. Its mind blowing to see everything that’s out there.”
We don’t take a break from life to go skiing. We go skiing because we love our lives. It is with single-minded focus and clarity that we descend a line in the big mountains. No room for hesitation or self-doubt. It is the ultimate way to remind ourselves of the greater world “out there” – the world of limitless possibilities that Auclair speaks about. You want to achieve great things in this world – at home, at work, in your community? Come clear your mind, re-focus, re-connect, and ski in the big mountains with us. With your feet grounded in your skis and your face full of powder, everything makes sense.

(Quotes from “Friday Interview: JP Auclair” by Kelley McMillan, Jan 11/2013

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