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You will LOVE skiing in small groups! The heli-skiing new school is all about skiing in fast, agile helicopters in small and personalized groups. Once you go small, you won’t go back!


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Guides Training Behind the Scenes

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Your chariot awaits!


Clouds hang low in the sky and dump snow on an already saturated landscape.  Heli One is brushed off, the back seats removed, and sits open and waiting on the pad in front of the Guides Cabin.  Now why would we do such a thing when there’s epic powder to be slain?  On the small plaque outside the Guides Cabin door there reads the words “Service and Safety Since 1988.”  Part of preparing for the upcoming season is practicing the hard skills of rescue and recovery.  In the early season we purposefully schedule non-skiing days to practice and hone our skills so that you can be confidant in our abilities to keep you safe as you adventure in the mountains with us.

Lady guides have the most fun!

Practicing patience and good humour is as important as any other wilderness travel skill.  The female guides who work for Great Canadian Heli-Skiing add not only good looks to the operation, but share a sense of humour that makes every day full of smiles.

Who says first aid training is boring? Not Sue!

Things are so good this year that even the lead guides are smiling.  You know that something magical is in the air when standing around outside in the snow (without skis on) can produce laughter from everyone around.  The Great Canadian Heli-Ski family is definitely the place to be!

Even lead guides crack a smile now and then!

With early season nearly over and the REAL season about to begin, you can feel confidant in the skills and experience our guides have and continue to build on daily.  Time in the mountains is time well spent.  But with good friends it’s even better.

The Guides Cabin is the hub of information, communication, and planning for guides, dispatch and pilots. Though serious at times, familiar faces often gather here and laughter is never far behind.



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